Friday, January 22, 2021

Wave The First Full Privacy App Chooses India For Its Worldwide Launch

Wave, the first mobile app which delivers full privacy, launched its 2.0 version today.  Wave creates a private place on your phone which is accessed only by you and where no one can collect your data. The start-up intends to be a game changer in the privacy space. With over 1 M downloads already it continues to add more users by the day.

The platform was in beta phase for 5 months and, during this time, the team worked with more than 1 million users across India and fine-tuned the features. Till date it has raised USD 10 M from business angel investors based out of India and France.

Marc Miance, Founder, CEO: “Privacy is crucial and a burning issue today. A smartphone is a very personal device, people want to keep it private. Users should be able to decide when their usage has to remain private. Not only their chat, but their overall smartphone usage: the content they browse, the one they share. Wave is the first app ever to solve this problem, and not let Internet pry into your personal life. We are very proud of that”

Wave brings strong innovations and industry firsts into play with its new version. Innovations that allow you to browse in complete incognito mode and a communication layer that sits on top of your digital universe allowing one to browse and chat seamlessly, and, of course, a way to do that without sharing any data with any internet company. The global system is protected on everyone’s phone from other prying eyes who could physically use the smartphone for any reason.

The founders of the start-up based in France and in India are supported by experienced professionals, mentors that include Abhishek Bachchan and the French movie and internet tycoons Jérome Seydoux and Xavier Niel.

“India is known in the whole word as a tech nation. We have the maximum number of smartphone users in a country (including USA). We also create and consume more content than most countries. People use their smartphone for everything, and they deserve privacy. Privacy is not only a chat issue, but also about overall usage.  We thank Elon Musk for throwing a strong spotlight on the privacy issue.  Full Privacy is the real customer expectation and core need that WAVE addresses. We named the app WAVE, because it represents a new Wave in terms of mindset for the mobile consumer industry.” concludes Anish Mulani, co-founder, India CEO.

Unique features of the app are:

●  Secured access: prevent from others to access your app

●  Built-in Incognito browsing: no cookies stay on your phone

●  History Manager: decide when the browser records your navigation history

●  Tracker Shield: protect yourself from being tracked online

●  Ad Blocker: neutralize ads display

●  Search engine selector: escape from keywords collection

●  Webapp picker: stream apps over a library of 10.000 references, no storage needed.

●  Personalised News: get news based on your interests

●  Personal gallery: save valuable web content

●  Chat bar: share and chat while you browse, instantly and continuously, without friction of app switching, video pausing...

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