Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Cure.fit For Business – A 100% Digital Approach To Employee health And wellness

 ●       Cure.fit’s 100% digital corporate offering encompasses live fitness classes across workout formats, teleconsultation, online therapy and nutrition services

●       100+ businesses have adopted Cure.fit for Business in the past 4-6 months

Cure.fit, India’s leading holistic health and wellness platform, is transforming the way corporates can approach and positively impact employee health and wellness with its exclusive digital corporate offering called Cure.fit for Business.

Cure.fit for Business is a holistic and entirely digital solution that the company had launched earlier to address employee health and wellness needs. With Cure.fit pivoting to digital offerings amidst the pandemic, there has been an increased uptake of online fitness and wellness services such as live fitness classes, teleconsultation, online therapy as well as online nutrition consultations. Having witnessed greater acceptance of these solutions by the individual consumers and corporates alike, this offering by Cure.fit targeted only at corporates provides a host of these digital services that are tailored to prioritize mental and physical health of employees. 

Cure.fit for Business includes some key features such as:

- A comprehensive administrative dashboard which can help employees and employers track progress

- Employee engagement features such as corporate challenges

- Dedicated and hands-on customer support

- 100% privacy and security

Under Cure.fit for Business, the company offers the following services:

LIVE: Subscription for LIVE Classes across fitness, meditation, and nutrition

●        A complete solution for all employee health & wellness needs

●        50+ Trainers from India and Abroad

●        3k+ Unique & Original Workouts

●        Classes in Yoga, Dance, Cardio, Strength, Pilates, Boxing, Meditation, Healthy Recipes

●        Insightful fitness reports and weekly trackers including focus areas for improvement and an overall fitness tracker

●        Intuitive energy-meter wherein the phone camera tracks users’ movements as they try to follow guided content from trainers

●        Squad feature – group classes with friends and family

●        Access to Live classes via mobile, laptop, and TV

Health Coaches - Coaching from the best nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and fitness experts

●        Access to 1000+ experienced coaches across fitness, nutrition, and mental health

●        1:1 Personalised plans

●        Unlimited chat support for employees

Telemedicine and Diagnostic services – Online teleconsultation service by GPs and specialists

●        Video Consultations with GP and Specialists

●        Comprehensive assessment & advice

●        Free follow-up for 7 days

●        Access to experienced professionals who have completed over 100k consultations

Commenting on Cure.fit for Business, Shamik Sharma, Head of Digital Health, Cure.fit, said, “With Cure.fit going completely digital during the pandemic, we have witnessed a great acceptance for our online health and wellness solutions not just by the general consumer base but also by corporates who are using this opportunity to take a fresh approach towards employee wellness. With most people working from home amidst these trying circumstances, we are happy to see that companies want to place the physical and mental health of employees front and center and proactively use digital tools to address their needs. As such, Cure.fit for Business is an entirely digital solution which is fit for these times and makes sure that employees, too, can use our services in a way that can yield positive results and improve their overall health.”

About Cure.fit 

Cure.fit Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a holistic integrated healthcare platform headquartered in Bangalore. Founded in 2016 by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, Cure.fit aims to address preventive healthcare through a combination of engagement, coaching and delivery using a mix of online and offline channels. Cure.fit caters to living a healthy life through its critical dimensions —Cult.fit, Mind.fit, and Care.fit. While Cult.fit focuses on physical strength and fitness, Mind.fit focuses on mental wellbeing and Care.fit on integrated medical and lifestyle care.

Cure.fit is an app-based service provider and is available on Android and iOS.

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