Monday, December 7, 2020

SBI Life Unveils Power Packed ‘Smart Future Choices’ Savings Product

Key highlights of ‘Smart Future Choices’:

* ‘Power to Choose’ various product features throughout the policy term

* Option to choose ‘Premium amount, Policy Term and Premium Payment Term

* Option to choose Cash Bonus without the wait of maturity or Defer Cash Bonus

* Special “Money on Demand” feature offering survival benefit payouts at particular intervals

SBI Life Insurance, one of most trusted private life insurers in the country, announced the launch of a power packed 'SBI Life - Smart Future Choices’ savings product. Tapping into the rising consumer awareness on the need for insurance, the individual, non-linked, participating life insurance savings plan empowers consumers with the ‘Power to Choose’ various options and benefits as per their changing needs from time to time throughout the policy term.

SBI Life’s- ‘Smart Future Choices’ aims to allows consumers to select options like choosing the premium amount, term policy or premium payment term along with the capacity to review the features of the life insurance plan as per their changing needs and requirements. The plan provides a unique opportunity to choose benefit pay-outs in lump sum or flexibly. One can also avail regular cash bonus and pay-outs as per their evolving requirements. This "DIY" nature of the product essentially caters to specific requirements of millennials who do not want to remain confined to product benefits opted in past but look for freedom to choose benefits during policy term or at maturity thereby filling this intrinsic need which existed in life insurance market.

Commenting on the launch of ‘SBI Life- Smart Future Choices’, Mr. M. Anand, President, Zone II, SBI Life Insurance said, “As we’ve learnt from our recent ‘Understanding consumer attitude towards Financial Immunity’ survey, consumers are increasingly choosing to stay financially protected. Having the power to choose, is often associated with a sense of independence over the way in which our life progresses. Today the consumer is looking for choices at every step and looks at insurance through the same lens. SBI Life’s ‘Smart Future Choices’ has been designed keeping this in mind, to cater to the unique needs of every consumer. SBI Life’s ‘Smart Future Choices’ aims to fulfil the unique aspirations of multitude of consumers, with the objective of giving them the power of choices so that they can accomplish their financial goals.”

In tandem with their customer-centric approach, SBI Life through ‘Smart Future Choices’ seeks to give its consumers the autonomy to shape their life insurance policy as per their needs, right from the very start of the policy and throughout their policy term too, enabling them to effectively carve their future plans.

Key features of SBI Life- ‘Smart Future Choices’ plan:

1.      The plan comes with two benefit options, ‘Classic Choice’ and ‘Flexi Choice’

2.      The ‘Classic Choice’ benefit offers a lump sum maturity benefit at the end of policy term and life cover throughout the policy term, while the ‘Flexi Choice’ offers a basic sum assured as survival benefits at determined intervals along with a maturity benefit at the term-end and life cover

a.      One can switch from one option to other option even after premium payment term is over*

3.      The plan allows one to choose between the options of receiving Cash Bonus on a year on year basis or Defer Cash Bonus, as per consumer choice. The bonus stays as a corpus that will be paid on demand of the policyholder, at any point during the term of the policy, acting as a saving that comes handy, whenever the need arises.

a.      The deferred pay-outs also earn interest linked to Reverse Repo Rate during deferment period

b.      Additionally, under its unique Auto Cover feature, life risk is covered for 1 year after payment of 2 years premium and for 2 years after 5 years’ premiums are paid in case of non-payment of further premium. 

4.      The plan provides consumers with ‘Survival Benefits’ or ‘Lumpsum Benefits’, basis the benefit option chosen

5.      Maturity Benefits: ‘Classic Choice’ gives guaranteed sum assured on maturity (maximum of 138%), based on premium payment term, age and opted policy term. Consumers can avail maturity benefits under ‘Flexi Choice’ from either Lumpsum, complete maturity benefit or Pay-outs, maturity benefit amount in instalments or buy Annuity.

6.      Special ‘Money on Demand’ feature offering: 

a.      Option to choose Cash Bonus payout every year** or Defer Cash Bonus and withdraw as and when required while it also earns interest

b.      Option to withdraw Survival benefit payouts when payable or withdraw as and when required while it also earns interest

* 9 months after Premium payment term

** After bonus eligibility i.e. after payment of 2 years’ premium .

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