Tuesday, December 8, 2020

India's Leading Digital Healthcare Platform - MediBuddy Reach is 20,000 Plus Locations

MediBuddy, in its vision to making high-quality healthcare accessible to every individual across the length and breadth of the country, has crossed the 20,000 locations where its services are available. This has been possible by working with a single-minded focus to build an unbeatable digital healthcare ecosystem and by enabling the best of healthcare to be accessible from one window.

The Indian Healthcare system is facing major challenges when it comes to making health facilities available, accessible, and affordable for one and all. India has a ratio of 1:1456 as compared to WHO's ideal of 1:1000 coupled with the shortage of specialist doctors has also resulted in patients not being diagnosed correctly or diagnosed too late. However, with the advent of technology and the recent demand for telemedicine (due to the pandemic), the spotlight has been on ensuring easy access to healthcare for all.  MediBuddy, as a leader in the digital healthcare, has played a major role in ensuring that the existing healthcare system in India is infused with energy to be able to cater to the needs for all.

With a team of experienced &specialist doctors & network hospitals available 24x7 for online consultation on its platform, MediBuddy has been able to provide top-quality healthcare even to the remotest parts of the country like Demwe&Lohitpur, Arunachal Pradesh. On its journey towards making high-quality healthcare more accessible across the nation, MediBuddy has ensured that individuals have access to medical supplies even in the remotest towns such as Roing. Labs for health check-ups that have been set up in secluded towns/villages such as ChutaDirakGaon, Assam is another manifestation of the reach and comprehensiveness of coverage of MediBuddy.

Mr. Satish Kannan, Co-founder & CEO, MediBuddy-DocsApp said, “Health has and should always be a number one priority for any individual and we at MediBuddy have embarked on our mission and responsibilities to provide comprehensive healthcare to all Indians via technology.”

The MediBuddy platform empowers individuals to get their healthcare queries solved instantly along with providing them with online doctor consultations, order medicines & lab tests just with a click on their phone or computer - any day, any time. MediBuddy offers a platform for individuals to connect with Specialist doctors across 18 departments via phone, video anytime, anywhere.

Very often especially in remote areas, the clinical service is a remote-attending model that is available from 7 pm to 7 am that includes hospital admissions and cross-cover. With the help of telemedicine, individuals can conveniently ensure that the patient receives the right & timely care, and gain peace of mind. In the past year, the digital healthcare platform has helped over 80Lakh individuals connect to specialist doctors at night-hours.

Babies have a knack for spiking fevers or getting sick in the middle of the night. Rather than rely on an internet search, MediBuddy helps connect parents quickly with specialist doctors who can give answers and provide a diagnosis, and even a prescription, when needed. The platform has also helped 4lakhs parents’ access to timely & quality care at night-hours by connecting them to specialist Doctors in the paediatrics department.

Among the many benefits of an online healthcare platform like MediBuddy are important aspects like saving of time and avoidance of travel & commute leading. It is estimated that more than 12crore kms of travel has been ‘saved’ by people opting for digital healthcare platform. This has resulted in enormous savings of time, money, and efforts.

It has been a fulfilling journey so far however MediBuddy believes that this is just the start. MediBuddy is working towards ensuring that it becomes the most trusted buddy one can rely upon for all their digital healthcare needs.

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