Thursday, December 24, 2020

Madame Launches Wonder Woman Inspired Collection in Collaboration with Warner Bros

Madame, India’s leading womenswear brand has collaborated with Warner Bros to launch a Wonder Woman inspired collection with a clothing line curated to be as powerful and confident as the iconic DC Super-Hero. The new Autumn-Winter 2020 collection honors the wonder women of India and offers fans of all ages a way to manifest the Super-Hero’s signature qualities of strength, truth, courage and compassion. The Madame Wonder Woman collection is available in stores across India. The upcoming Warner Bros movie ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ with lead played by Gal Gadot is expected to release across India in the fourth week of December 2020 and promises to be a grand blockbuster to close the year.

Madame has carved a unique niche in the women’s apparel and accessories market and is a leading player in the womenswear segment. On the collaboration with Warner Bros, the legendary American media and entertainment corporation, Akhil Jain, Executive Director at Madame said, “Our signature collection of Wonder Woman inspired sweatshirts and sweaters are highly-styled and wonderfully-inventive and allow fans to tap into their own heroic Wonder Woman inner-spirit. Clothing is an expression of one’s personality, and through this partnership we are truly celebrating every Indian Wonder Woman and her energetic, competitive, and compassionate spirit.”

Mr.Vikram Sharma, Head of Consumer Products, Advertising & Partnerships for Warner Media in India, Southeast Asia & Korea, averred “Wonder Woman is the ultimate icon of female expression and empowerment. Timed with the launch of one of the year’s biggest Hollywood blockbusters, we think shoppers looking to make a statement are going to love this new range from Madame.” 

Explaining the Madame Wonder Woman collection’s inspiring designs, Akhil Jain added, “Madame’s Wonder Woman collection uses a bold color palette to express energy and positivity that is aimed at bringing out the best in women who are rearing to go and ready for anything life has to offer. The collection kindles the modern woman’s soul to embrace her feminine form and expression. This collection is so curated that it will blend it in beautifully with every woman’s personal flair and is affordable yet stylish at the same time”.

The Wonder Woman collection is the highlight of the Autumn/Winter 2020 for Madame. It is an ode to the qualities of the modern woman, her strength, courage, truth, compassion and her sense of sense of style and suave. The collection has a mix of garments, from t-shirts to cozy sweatshirts and warm sweaters for the winter days ahead.  The collection has an international appeal with stylish and inventive outlines and textiles to make the collection diverse and extraordinary.

The Wonder Woman collection is the perfect way to tap into the inner wonder woman that each woman is, a perfect showcase of inner resilience, chirpy spirit, and a must-have for all global Wonder Woman spirited fans. It is a gallant collection for the lively modern woman with a feminine sensibility for fashion, well suited for the maximalist empowered woman. “This collection is one of our most memorable collections. Our collaboration with Warner has been a very exciting one and we have maximized this opportunity using our best strengths to offer the best collection we have churned out in recent times. If there is a Wonder Woman in your life, then this is the ideal gift that will sing paeans to her”, said Akhil Jain. Affordable and but super stylish, this collection is a not-be-missed year end addition to the modern woman’s wardrobe.

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