Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Do It Yourself: Air Conditioner Service with These 10 Simple Steps

Be Summer Ready - DIY Guide to Clean your AC Filters

With onset of summers, people are likely to switch on their air conditioners. Amidst the extended lockdown and the pandemic which has brought the country to a standstill, it is difficult for homeowners to find a service technician. Therefore, Whirlpool of India brings to you, simple tips to clean your air-conditioner at home –

Step 1: MANDATORY - Switch off the power supply of the AC

Step 2: Open the AC Panel

Step 3: Remove the Filters one at a time

Step 4:  Clean the evaporator coil with a toothbrush gently to remove any dirt (Warning: Be careful because evaporator coil has sharp fins that can cut your skin)

Step 5: Take a clean cloth and remove dust from the AC

Step 6: Place the Filters under a tap and clean thoroughly

Step 7: Let the Filters dry

Step 8: Place the Filters Back

Step 9: Shut the AC Panel

Step 10: Switch on the AC and enjoy the cool Air

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