Monday, March 16, 2020

Good samaritan: Police Appreciates OYO’s Law-Abiding Indian Corporate Stance

OYO Hotels and Homes, one of the world’s leading hotel chains today revealed that it has been maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance across the country and has been frequently assisting the law enforcement authorities in their investigations, as part of its duties towards being a good corporate citizen.

Recently, the Bengaluru city police appreciated the efforts of the company for providing timely information regarding the travel details of a suspect, on receipt of relevant legal request under section 91 crpc that helped in nabbing the alleged criminal.

With over 18000 hotels across 400+ cities in India SA, the company places safety and security of its guests above all else and has built a dedicated Emergency Responses Assistance team to respond to any emergencies on the ground. The company maintains a strong record of cooperation with law enforcement authorities towards ensuring that all neighbourhoods where it operates, become increasingly safer and secure.

Over the past year, pursuant to receipt of requests under 91 crpc for any information that can assist the police, the company has prioritised mobilising the necessary support and in turn, received appreciation from many police departments across the country, including but not limited to Dwarka, Palwal, Vasant Vihar in Delhi and Biddhannagar in West Bengal.

Speaking on the matter, Rakesh Prusti, General Counsel (Global), said, “Safety of our guests and strengthening a culture of compliance is critical to OYO. As a law abiding corporate citizen, we are committed to engaging with all stakeholders of civil society towards creating a culture of safety and cooperation. Safety is a shared responsibility and we are happy to provide assistance to law enforcement as and when required.”

The company encourages a culture of compliance and as a law-abiding corporate citizen, is committed to being the eyes and ears of the local police. 

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