Thursday, December 26, 2019

Orion Avenue in Bangalore Celebrates Christmas in style

Spreading cheer and joy to all visitors, the celebrations at Orion Avenue ticked all the boxes of the quintessential Christmas experience and then some. The festive aura represented a shared feeling of joy amongst those present at the mall. The spectacular Christmas tree, ornate decorations, a cheerful Santa, the rolling elf, candy clowns embellished the overall atmosphere. The festive flair was further complemented by an energetic live band, tall toy soldiers, mimes and dancing mascots. After starting off on December 14, the Christmas celebrations at Orion Avenue ended with a remarkable run on December 31.

“Owing to our emphasis on variety and flair, we think this Christmas season will hold a special meaning to our customers. It was indeed a great feeling to see families take part in the festivities and enjoy themselves. You could very much sense an infectious atmosphere of joy and vigour. Everyone, from little kids to seniors, was hooked on the Christmas spirit that we created for them. I think this whole affair has once again evidenced our expertise in providing distinctly memorable events to our patrons,” says Vijay Kumar Bhatia, Sr. GM – Orion Malls.

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