Saturday, October 5, 2019

Wellthy Therapeutics Expands its Digital Therapeutic Capability by Going Vernacular

Asia’s leading Digital Therapeutics company Wellthy Therapeutics today announced the launch of its digital therapeutics in Diabetes and Cardiovascular conditions in Hindi and Kannada, furthering its effort towards effective disease management for more than 528 million Hindi speakers and more than 43 million native Kannada speakers in India.

Wellthy Therapeutics’ mission is to inspire and enable 10 million patients to reverse, prevent or control their chronic condition in the next decade. Requested by patients and physicians alike, and driven by the data seen through extensive patient interventions and research, the launch of native-Hindi and native-Kannada services is the next step to bring Wellthy Care’s outcome-focused digital therapeutic interventions to a much wider pool of chronic disease patients in India. 

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