Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Tata Tea Leaf Celebrates Chhath Puja with Unique Festive Pack in 2019

Tata Tea Leaf, a tea brand curated for Bihar and Jharkhand, celebrates the spirit of Chhath Puja by bringing out a special festive pack.

A very historic festival which comes with all its grandness and vibrancy, Chhath Puja holds great significance for the Sun God. It is a time when people spend sleepless nights in gearing up for the preparation of the festival. Starting with preparing festival signature sweets at home – Thekua, to visiting Ghats to offer Arghay, water to the Sun God with a Soop, tray of Puja elements, everything surrounding the celebration adds a tinge of extra zeal and joy of Chhath. Bihar and Jharkhand, during this time, are thronged by devotees who religiously perform prayers to seek blessings from Surya to live longer with all health and TT Buff LEAF With Dannedaar 250g 3D 19092019 (002) (002)prosperity.

Puneet Das, Vice President Marketing -India said, “Chhath Puja is the biggest and most renowned festival celebrated across Bihar and Jharkhand. It is associated with a lot of faith, excitement and joy. With the new festive pack of Tata Tea Leaf, we aim at celebrating this glorious festival with great grandeur. TATA Tea Leaf Chhath Puja pack aims to bind the festive feel over a special cup of tea while celebrating with the entire family.”

The brand rejoices the positivity associated with Chhath Puja and has created a pack that resonates with enthusiasm of the festival. The festive pack is an effort to add little spark to the festival by being a part of the celebration. Tata Tea Leaf’s festive pack is designed by keeping in mind the fine details of the festival which brings alive the essence of Chhath Puja.The relatable visual symbols show an ornamented woman performing Arghay, prayer by offering water to the Sun God with a beautifully decorated Soop, a traditional tray with Puja elements in it. The visual language of the pack with color scheme, symbols and imagery, are inspired by Chhath Puja and are chosen carefully to adorn the already festive looking base gold pack, to radiate positivity. To further add a touch of glee, TATA Tea Leaf offers a pack of Bourbon biscuit to relish with the refreshing cup of Tata tea and enjoy the festivities!

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