Monday, June 17, 2019

NGO CRY Held in Bangalore - World Day Against Child Labour

Child Labour, you have heard about it, now experience it. To observe World Day Against Child Labour, Child Rights and You (CRY) one of India’s leading NGO’s working on child rights has come up with a unique idea to introduce general public to the world of child labour and sensitize them against it.

In a sustained campaign to build awareness around the issue, CRY created an experiential zone that mimicked a working child’s everyday life. Passing visitors from prominent places in the city were asked to walk into a mobile room where an ambiance similar to child labour situation was re-created. Sight, sound and smell were additionally included to instill realism.
“Child Labour in its many ways is still an acceptable norm in the society. Through this campaign we want to sensitize people against it and make them understand the difficult circumstances a child is put through under labour. It is our effort to reach out to the last child and child labour is one of the battles that we fight. Education and the right to childhood are some of the basic non-negotiable requirements to harness the true potential for the child,” said Suma Ravi, Regional Director of Child Rights and You (CRY).

There are 294745 working children and adolescents between 5-19 years in Bangalore, of which only 35% attend educational institutions. Unless we understand the importance of education and the worth of a child their plight will not improve. The sole purpose of an event like this is to create conversations and raise awareness that makes the impact a more sustainable one.

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