Saturday, February 16, 2019

Manipal Hospitals Becomes the First Hospital in Karnataka to Host the Prestigious MRCP PACES Examination

Manipal Hospitals Bangalore was the first hospital in Karnataka to host the prestigious MRCP (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills - PACES) exam in collaboration with Royal College of Physicians Federation, United Kingdom. Manipal Hospitals has been successfully conducting this examination since 2014 and is a permanent examination centre. Exams are held twice a year. In the present diet, the examination is being conducted on 14th, 15th & 16th February 2019.

The examination is conducted under strict vigilance as per the guidelines laid down by the Federation of the Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom. There are 5 stations through which the candidates will have to go through where the candidates are assessed for clinical skills, history taking & communication. There are 10 examiners for each cycle (5 from UK & 5 from India). Manipal Hospital, Bangalore has 7 active examiners for MRCP PACES.

Manipal Hospitals is proud and privileged to be the center for MRCP PACES in India. This would not only benefit the students across Karnataka & India but also from people all over from the neighbouring countries. Each session has 45 students (15 students per day). In the current session, in addition to candidates from India, there are candidates from neighbouring countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UAE, Iraq & Afghanistan.

Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman Manipal Hospitals – “Manipal hospital Bangalore is very proud to host the MRCP exams along with the Royal College of Physicians (UK) since 2014. This is a very prestigious exam that not only evaluates the students clinical expertise but also looks at patient safety issues and soft skills including communication which is needed for a doctor to be a complete consultant .It is also a great path for young doctors to get a valuable Post Graduate degree which is in severe short supply in our country .”

Quote from Dr. Michael Rudolf, Chair of UK Examiners - The MRCP exam is an important post graduate qualification which is well recognized around the world. The examination is held at many centres and the fact that it is held at Manipal hospital in Bengaluru makes it much easier for many candidates from India & South East Asia to take the examinations. The organization of the exam an Manipal Hospitals is superb and the criteria for passing are identical to all of the other centres within the United Kingdom. All of the staff at Manipal Hospital are to be congratulated on ensuring that this important examination can take place in Bengaluru.

Names of the UK examiners
·         Michael Rudolf
·         Parthipan Kantha Pillai
·         Eric Livingston
·         > Thikra    Al-Wattar
·         Ravindra Kumar Kedia

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