Thursday, September 20, 2018

Polaris India Opens its Second 'Dirt Mania Adventure' Zone at Nandi Hills Near Bengaluru

Polaris India Private Limited has opened another branch of 'Dirt Mania Adventure' zone at Nandi Hills near Bengaluru. This is the 84th Polaris Experience Zone (PEZ) in India, where enthusiasts can come and experience off-roading challenges on Polaris ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). Infact, Dirt Mania Adventure has partnered with the Hip CafĂ© Hangout, located on the foothills of Nandi and opened a one-stop destination for all enthusiasts looking for adventure and thrill. 

The PEZ offers visitors the thrill and exhilaration of Polaris vehicles on a dirt track with slush pits, water holes, humps, sand and stones. Polaris says that PEZ ensures adrenaline-pumping action and a fun-filled itinerary for visitors from all age groups. This is second of Dirt Mania Adventure in Bengaluru after the Kanakpura branch opened some time ago. 

"The addition of another PEZ in Bengaluru consolidates our position in the state of Karnataka," said Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director and Country Head, Polaris India Pvt Ltd. "The beauty of India is still uncaptured and we offer the unmatched expereince to adventure and sports enthusiasts. It not only acts as an arena for people to experience an off-road riding adventure, but also provides a business opportunity to entrepreneurs, amusement park owners and corporates looking for adventure close to the city." 

Commenting on the occasion, Jayaraman Parameswaran, Co-found Co-founder, Dirt Mania Adventure, said, "The off-roading cul lture in the region has grown and the opening of another branch of Dirt Mania Adventure is a strategic move to cater people living in different parts of Bengaluru." 

He adds that the new facility will be catering to all levels of off-road enthusiasts, ensuring high levels of fun and adventure quotients. Also several madels of Polaris ATVs are available at the new PEZ.

Polaris India also has 83 other such PEZ spread all over India and growing at about 15 percent annually to reach out to people and in turn give the participants a chance to experience the off-road riding experience within their city.  It's off-road vehicles are widely used in sectors such as defence, paramilitary forces, agriculture, entertainment and tourism, among others across the country.

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