Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Amazon India Celebrates World Environment Week 2018 in Bangalore

In line with its constant efforts to conserve the ecosystem it operates in, Amazon Cares the CSR initiative of India’s largest online marketplace, Amazon India, rolled out a campaign across its Community and Resource centers to celebrate World Environment Week 2018. Under the campaign, Amazon Cares conducted various initiatives from June 05th – June 10th to create awareness on environment conservation in the communities close to its Fulfillment centres.

In an endeavor to initiate impactful change, Amazon Cares in partnership with its implementation partner Foundation Of Rural Development (FORD) organized an awareness rally among students and Community on the impact of Global Warming, climate change and role of the Community in protection of environment. They educated over 300 students of the local community in the village of Anekal on the importance of conservation of energy resource, methods of proper waste management and discussed the hazards of pollution. This was followed by a sapling plantation in the school.

Commenting on the same, Srinivas, President, Gram Panchayat, Samethanahalli, said “We need to constantly create awareness and motivate action towards the protection of our environment. The World Environment Day gives us an opportunity to dedicate time and attention to do so. With the experience of Amazon India and the focus of our local community, I believe we can build a sustainable effort towards creating a better future for our children.”

Amazon India started the Amazon Cares – Community and Resource Centers initiative with the vision of ‘Creating opportunities and transforming lives’. The programs are designed to impact and enhance the lives of the local community in the areas of education, livelihood, environment, women empowerment, health and sanitation.  The online marketplace uses its resources and infrastructure of innovation and technology to support India’s development. Besides, Bangalore, Amazon has conducted similar activities across India like awareness rallies, sapling plantation, lake restoration, village clean up, etc. across India ranging from Sonipat, Manesar, Tauru in Haryana to Ludhiana, Maharashtra, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Chennai.

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