Saturday, April 28, 2018

Transformative Productivity Efficiency of Over 30 % via Robotic Process Automation is Intelenet's Focus at UAE's MECC 2018

Intelenet Global Services, a renowned global Business Process Services player - backed by Blackstone, today announced that it will be showcasing its BPM-based client centricity value proposition during the Middle East Contact Centre and Customer Experience Conference (MECC) to be held at Dubai from April 24-25, 2018. The company will highlight in particular how its Phantom Robotic Process Automation (PRPA) promises to enable disruptive productivity efficiencies thereby allowing companies to upscale their financial performance quotient. 

Intelenet's Phantom Robotics Automation solution (PRPA)is designed to efficiently expedite complex manual processes which are otherwise plagued by human errors. This state of the art virtual workforce has already been successfully deployed for over 40 pc of its client processes.

Intelenet's PRPA capability covers various back-office functions entire employee lifecycle, which offers our clients access to virtual workforce by automating manual processes, and supporting live agents with intelligent data/reports for decision making. This solution prides itself over the 'one-click' approach with results in as high as 80% straight through processing thereby reducing staff requirement to process transactions.

Another deployment from a workflow optimisation perspective involved accelerating user workflows by Data Masking Field Validations Compliance Logic that resulted in significant reduction of TAT by eliminating verifications process through custom algorithm deployment.

"The possibilities arising out of the convergence of physical with digital are limited only by imagination. In a business environment where unpredictable challenges emerge at a frequency that is undesired, new age solutions such as PRPA offer a tremendous avenue to gain lead start in the transformation pursuit," said Piety Gonsalves Managing Director- Middle East, Intelenet Global Services. 

Intelenet Global Services is a flag bearer of the Government Emiratization Programme has a 3000 strong workforce presence in Middle East. It has a strategic centre of excellence for Customer Management Services for government and multinational clients. 

For more information about the MECC / CX Conference 2018 was held from April 24-25, 2018 in Dubai, UAE

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