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Yamaha Achieves A Remarkable Milestone With 300 Blue Square Outlets In India

* Launched under ‘The Call of the Blue’ Campaign, the Premium Outlets showcase Yamaha’s rich Racing DNA

* Every Blue Square outlet showcases Yamaha’s Exclusive range of Premium two-wheelers, apparels & accessories

India Yamaha Motor (IYM), today marked an important milestone in revving up its network to 300 Blue Square showrooms across India. This accomplishment reflects Yamaha's ongoing dedication to building a strong network under the Yamaha Blue theme and offering customers with a superior end-to-end experience.

The 'Call of the Blue' brand campaign, introduced in 2018, has played a pivotal role in Yamaha's journey towards enhancing customer engagement and establishing a premium image. In 2019, Yamaha introduced the concept of Blue Square showrooms as part of this campaign, designed to offer customers a comprehensive solution for all their biking needs. In these years, these premium outlets have emerged as a strong medium for customers to connect with the brand’s culture and rich racing heritage.

Beyond just a retail space, the showrooms serve as a thriving hub for customers to engage with the Yamaha’s Blue Streaks rider community, fostering interactions and exhilarating rides with like-minded individuals sharing the same passion. The “Blue” theme represents the brand's proud racing legacy, and "Square”, symbolising a curated platform for Yamaha's exhilarating, sporty, and stylish range of two-wheelers.

Mr. Eishin Chihana, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India Group of Companies, expressed his excitement on this momentous occasion, stating, "It brings me immense joy to announce the successful completion of a significant milestone under 'The Call of the Blue' campaign. Yamaha has achieved the remarkable feat of launching 300 Blue Square showrooms across India. These showrooms epitomize Yamaha's unwavering dedication to providing the utmost customer satisfaction and an unparalleled ownership experience. This accomplishment stands as a testament to our vision of establishing a new standard in sales, service, and customer delight in the Indian market.”

“Setting up Blue Square showrooms nationwide is a pivotal aspect of our strategy to position Yamaha as a global brand infused with a rich racing DNA. We are confident that this achievement will fuel the continued expansion of Blue Square outlets, ensuring that every Yamaha customer in India receives the distinguished experience they rightfully deserve from a globally renowned brand like Yamaha”, he further added.

The track-oriented R3, the street fighter MT-03 and the maxi-sports AEROX 155 scooter are exclusively sold through Blue Square. These premium outlets also showcase other motorcycle line-up equipped with Traction Control System (TCS) which includes YZF-R15 V4 (155cc), YZF-R15S V3 (155cc),  MT-15 V2 (155cc); FZS-Fi Version 4.0 (149cc), FZS-Fi Version 3.0 (149cc), FZ-Fi Version 3.0 (149cc), FZ-X (149cc), and scooters like Fascino 125 FI Hybrid (125cc), Ray ZR 125 FI Hybrid (125cc), Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI Hybrid (125cc) which are based on Yamaha's true hybrid technology and have higher fuel efficiency. Additionally, these outlets also display Yamaha’s Exclusive range of apparels & accessories. Out of 300 Blue Square showrooms operational across India, Yamaha has 129 outlets in Southern India, 81 in Eastern part, 54 in Western region and 37 in Northern part.

Yamaha has dedicated page on the Blue Square showroom at its website. The customers can visit the link to understand more about Blue Square showrooms: https://www.yamaha-motor-india.com/yamaha-bluesquare.html.

About Yamaha Motor India group of companies:

Yamaha Motor made its initial foray into India in 1985 as a joint venture. In August 2001, it became a 100% subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, Japan (YMC). In 2008, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. entered into an agreement with YMC to become a joint investor in India Yamaha Motor Private Limited (IYM). IYM's manufacturing facilities comprise State-of-the-art plants at Surajpur (Uttar Pradesh) and Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu). The infrastructure at these plants supports the production of motorcycles and parts for the domestic as well as overseas markets. YMC has established its subsidiaries - Yamaha Motor Research and Development India Pvt Ltd. (YMRI), Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd. (YMIS) and Yamaha Motor India Pvt Ltd. (YMI) in India to independently support IYM in the development, sales & marketing of its products and overall business planning & regional control respectively. Presently, its product portfolio includes YZF-R3 (321cc), MT-03 (321cc), YZF-R15 V4 (155cc), YZF-R15S V3 (155cc),  MT-15 V2 (155cc); FZS-Fi Version 4.0 (149cc), FZS-Fi Version 3.0 (149cc), FZ-Fi Version 3.0 (149cc), FZ-X (149cc), AEROX (155cc) and scooters like Fascino 125 FI Hybrid (125cc), Ray ZR 125 FI Hybrid (125cc), Ray ZR Street Rally 125 FI Hybrid (125cc).

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