Saturday, March 25, 2023

Transformation Is The Need Of The Era Says Venu Kondur

Lobb logistics who participated in the #Umagine Chennai the Asia’s largest Tech Summit today, speaking at a panel discussion on the advent of technology and its changing forms Venu Kondur Lobb CEO said, “how companies have transformed in the last ten years is mind boggling. He went on to say that it is the sole responsibility of the new age startups to create robust digital platforms, with the right kind of technology with perfect understanding of business needs strategically. Consumers keep looking at better products which add value to their experiences”.

The panel discussion was on “Digital start-ups Vs Analog Organisations transforming to digital”. While digital technologies are becoming ubiquitous today across both digital native startups & incumbent organisations that are reinventing themselves with technology. The sessions covered opportunity, impact & relative challenges across this spectrum of companies.

Lobb enables transporters & truckers to “Connect, Discover & Transact Freight” in a frictionless manner by leveraging the best of technology and building innovative solutions ground-up, that are relevant at a global scale.

The Indian logistics industry has over 10 million long-haul trucks, most of them owned by small truck owners struggling to find the right loads on time. We aim to empower them through our proprietary Truck Discovery Model, by creating a unique network of fleet, routes, and nodes aligned to demand supply and move to a machine-based matching engine.

Trucks in India run only 13-15 days in a month vs an optimal 23-25 days. This is largely due to opaque demand and supply availability. Demand and supply traditionally are done through calls in an inefficient manner. Lobb through its digital freight brokerage app is able to help logistics companies hire trucks on demand.

Current Scale of Business:

Trucks: 30,000 +

KMs Covered: 3 Crore KMs +

Tonnage Covered: 1 Million Tonnage +

Locations: 20+ Cities Like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad etc

Logistics Partners: 1000+

Fleet Owners: 5000+

In next 12 months:

Trucks: 1 Lakhs Trucks

Locations: 100+ cities

Two products – Lobb Truck – This is for fleet owners & Lobb FTL – for transporters.

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