Friday, March 24, 2023

IPRS Extends Wholehearted Support To Music Makers Through Its “Learn And Earn” Initiative

* As part of its pan-India campaign 'Learn and Earn,' the IPRS recently organized a knowledge workshop in Bengaluru. The aim was to educate and empower songwriters, composers, and publishers about music rights and the latest trends shaping the careers of those behind the music. 

* Renowned author,  composer, and IPRS Regional Committee Member Mr. Hamsalekha, Mr. Mayur Puri - screenwriter, lyricist, filmmaker, and IPRS Board Member, Mr. Rakesh Nigam, CEO, IPRS, the regional ARA Committee members and key members from the region, graced the event. 

Discussions focused on copyright in music, music licensing, emerging trends, technological advancements, and the role of copyright societies like IPRS in protecting creators' rights and their royalty rights. The Learn and Earn initiative is part of IPRS's ongoing efforts to support its members with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to succeed in the ever-changing music industry. 

IPRS has established itself as a crucial support system for the music industry in India. Since its new beginning in 2017 with a well-defined task in hand, led by the new board and Mr. Javed Akhtar as the Chairman, the organization has remained committed to promoting the causes of music creators and publishers. The amendments in the Copyright Act in 2012 opened the way for a fresh start, with IPRS growing from strength to strength to become the leading music copyright society in India, representing the authors, songwriters, and music publishers. In 2018, IPRS was readmitted as a Copyright Society in the apex Paris-based International Confederation of Societies of Authors & Composers (CISAC), leading to wider acceptance of IPRS as a top global copyright society.  

The following years saw IPRS signing strategic licensing deals with major International Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and significant players in the Indian music industry escalating the IPRS revenue from INR 46 crores in FY2017-18 to a whooping INR 314 crores in FY21-22. IPRS went on to be recognized as the fastest-growing music collection society in the world by CISAC. During the recent pandemic, the critical role of copyright societies like IPRS became even more evident when the regular sources of income from the music industry were severely hit. By distributing royalty amounting to INR 210 crores, along with regular grants and aids, IPRS has proven its pivotal role in the sustenance and welfare of the Music community. 

IPRS, under the leadership of CEO Rakesh Nigam, has been successful in safeguarding the rights of music creators and their rightful owners. Javed Akhtar, the IPRS Chairman, commended the organization’s initiatives to educate creators about their rights and the steps taken to distribute royalties and financial aid to struggling members during the pandemic. “Concerted efforts by IPRS at problem-solving in vexing matters have shown visible gains that have brightened the prospects of our members and stakeholders. For further progress and development, I hope our government will appreciate our efforts and give us a helping hand in building a more compliant music ecosystem, which we will always need,” he said.   

Commenting on the initiative leading author, music director, and IPRS Regional ARA Committee Member Hamsalekha said, “I thank IPRS for this great initiative. IPRS has been working tirelessly for music creators and publishers to educate them on their rights and abreast them on matters crucial to earn more from the music they make. Authors and composers are creative people engrossed in their world of music and creation. Many times unaware of their rights and rightful dues. Music copyright societies like IPRS thus play a vital role for the community of music makers. Apart from safeguarding our royalty rights, IPRS is also equipping us with the required information to help us make more informed decisions.” 

IPRS CEO Rakesh Nigam said: “The Indian music business has been rapidly expanding with music from across the country fuelling this rise with its popularity transcending borders and setting new benchmarks. The reservoir of brilliant creators and music from every region has contributed in a big way to this newfound success. While the industry scales new heights, songwriters and composers must be fully aware of their rights and how to gain more from their creations in this new era of music. Hence at IPRS, our new initiatives and pan-India workshops like Learn & Earn are aimed at upskilling and empowering our members through knowledge and know-how. Our primary goal at IPRS will be to expand opportunities for our members and to lay the way for a vibrant ecosystem that will propel them and the Indian music business to new heights.” 

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