Friday, March 10, 2023

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Enables Scaling-Up of Bidadi Industrial Area

* Commits continued support to the State Government, community, and industry towards holistic development of the local business ecosystem 

In its constant endeavour to enhance local infrastructure and foster a positive ecosystem in Bidadi, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has been extending strong support to the Bidadi Industries Association (BIA) through several infrastructural projects and community interventions, to ensure a harmonious business environment for all stakeholders.

Over the years, the local Government and authorities have undertaken various socio-economic interventions in Bidadi in pursing the region’s development agenda. This along with the unique collaborative approach from corporates like TKM and others have further enhanced BIA to develop Bidadi as an important manufacturing hub in Karnataka. Specific efforts have been made to improve safety, health, infrastructure, etc., for the workers, businesses, and surrounding communities under its five operating pillars of Industry Connect, Government Connect, Estate Management, Community Connect & Environment, Health & Safety (EHS).

Speaking about  the emergence of BIA Mr. Mr. Sudeep Dalvi, Senior Vice President & Chief Communication Officer, TKM, said, "The Bidadi Industries Association (BIA) has grown stronger over the years and we at Toyota Kirloskar Motor have been a proud partner in this collaborative journey, having achieved many milestones together. Be it the numerous community development programs or safety initiatives, we will continue to support BIA in creating a safer and more secure environment for our employees and the community at large. With growing synergies between the industries and the local authorities in the region, the unified efforts are to make Bidadi a shining example of being an enabler for the manufacturing and auto industries in Karnataka and India."

As a unique collaboration between TKM and other industries from Bidadi, BIA has acted as a common platform, to implement critical need-based economic and social interventions for the larger good of the businesses and the communities alike. Guided by the concept of FOR THE COMMUNITY, BY THE COMMUNITY, BIA continues to work together in partnership with the KIADB, to create a safe and sustainable industrial area for opportunities and industries to flourish in Karnataka.

Under the leadership of safety experts from TKM and other companies, BIA has formed a safety expert committee which endeavours towards achieving the goal of minimizing accidents in the region. The committee recently conducted a detailed study of accident locations to understand the root cause of accidents and identified critical locations, subsequently remedial measures have been suggested, including local police surveillance, road safety infrastructure enhancement, and road safety awareness programs for industry and communities.

Furthermore, several other safety initiatives in the industrial area including the rectification of all potholes, installing Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, rumble strips, retroreflectors, studs, and safety signage boards at crucial spots have also been installed through this partnership. Pedestrian marking, radar vehicle speed monitoring devices, and kerbstone painting have also been carried out, and 24 x 7 patrolling by BIA security personnel has been initiated.

Spearheaded by TKM and other industries, BIA has also undertaken several community development activities which include the installation of RO drinking water plants benefitting around 1000 households with fresh drinking water. This critical support has also enabled the Association to construct five classrooms, benefiting over 500 students of Government Lower Primary & Higher Primary Schools. During the COVID-19 pandemic, BIA was also guided to sponsor more than INR 2.5 million in relief material and equipment to the local community through the Ramanagara district administration. 

BIA has also ensured strong actions to reduce environmental impact and align with sustainability goals. In 2020, with leadership from TKM and support by other industries, BIA set-up the Centralized Solid Waste Management Facility (CSWMF) with a capacity to process 10 tons per day of municipal waste. Today, in addition to collecting segregated waste from designated pickup points from 11 villages adjoining the Industrial area,121 member industries of BIA have been on-boarded, who subscribe to CSWMF for disposal of their non-industrial, non- hazardous municipal solid waste, in compliance with KSPCB norms, thereby ensuring no waste is sent to landfills and keeping the Industrial area clean and garbage free.

The Bidadi Industries Association (BIA) is an independent body, registered under the ‘Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960,’ formed by the industries of the Bidadi industrial area. This has been done under the eminent leadership of Toyota & Bosch, with the support of other large, medium, and small industries. 

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