Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Dr Paul Salins Appointed New Vice Chairman Of The Research Trust

SKAN Research Trust, founded by ASHOK SOOTA, announced today the appointment of DR PAUL SALINS as Vice Chairman of the Trust.  Dr Salins is the Medical Director and Sr. Vice President of Narayana Health – Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre and also Managing Director, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation.

With this appointment, the Governance structure of SKAN will comprise of:

Ashok Soota – Chairman & Managing Trustee

Davis Karedan – Vice Chairman & Trustee

Paul Salins – Vice Chairman

SKAN is India’s only not-for-profit medical research trust.  The focus of SKAN is to work on transformational technologies changing the future of medicine.  These include gut microbiome, human genomics, stem cells and bioinformatics/modelling.  All these technologies will be applied to the areas of ageing and neurological ailments to achieve breakthrough therapies.

Ashok Soota, Chairman of SKAN, said, “we are delighted to have Paul as a key member of our Governance team and bring his vast expertise for the development of SKAN.”

Paul Salins said, “I am delighted to be a member of the apex governance group in SKAN.  I am very impressed with the long-term orientation of SKAN and look forward to contributing to its Mission and 10-year goals.”

Dr. Salins work on the systems approach to drug discovery to arrest or reverse lifestyle and ageing-related Chronic diseases early, during its continuum has led to a genre of “interceptive therapeutics”. In the area of computation, Professor Salins terms his work “predictability before knowability” Creating intuitive AI/machine learning systems for the analysis of large, complex data clusters and adaptive systems as the foundation for pattern-based topologic analytics and inverse kinematics.

About SKAN

SKAN is a not-for-profit medical research trust, started on April 5, 2021, in Bengaluru, India.  SKAN is engaged with research on Ageing and Neurological areas.  SKAN is keen to be the harbinger of breakthrough therapies, which will transform medicine through its expertise on gut-microbiome, human genetics and stem cells.

SKAN has made enormous progress in a brief period. SKAN has created partnerships with leading institutes such as IIT-Roorkee, Centre for Brain Research, Narayana Health, National Institute for Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS) and The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU).  SKAN is also leading projects on the impact of gut-brain axis on predictability of heart attacks and strokes and the SHARPP projects where Dr Yogesh Shouche is the Chairperson of the Consortium. 

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