Tuesday, December 21, 2021

KRAFTON, Inc. Launches Exclusive Christmas Events For Battlegrounds Mobile India

* Various in-game events and community events celebrating Christmas will be available for players 

* The new update will showcase the new ‘React Survival’ mode and reopen 6 popular modes including ‘Metro Royale’ 

 KRAFTON, Inc., the South Korean video game developer will be bringing all new game modes and seasonal events for its BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA fans through its December update. The update will be rolled out today on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store . 

The 1.8 update will introduce a new ‘React Survival’ mode. In this mode, players can wear blue tracksuits with different numbers to join the Red Light and Green Light game. The player who gets to the finish line without being detected by the giant Rabbit wins the game. There are 3 rounds in the match, and the match ends when the time limit gets over. This mode can be joined from the arcade mode and what’s more players can even play by creating a custom room privately to play with friends 

The 6 most popular modes in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will be reopening in this update too. Among these modes are the ‘Metro Royale Mode’ where you can gear up before the match and loot lots of items, ‘Survive Till Dawn Mode’ where you loot items by killing zombies, ‘Virus Infection Mode’ where you fight either as human or zombie, ‘Heavy Machine Gun 2.0 Mode’ offering exciting combat with helicopters and armored vehicles, and ‘Rune Theme Mode’ where you join the match after choosing 1 out of 3 rune fragments. 

Meanwhile, the new Mythic Winter themed RPM6 will be available till January 17th, 2022. Fans can get the Snow Santa Monster Set, Snow Santa Monster UAZ, and Frozen Guardian Set by purchasing the royale pass for 360UC.  

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is available exclusively to play in India. Fans can follow us on our official YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages for all the latest developments. 

For more information about the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE December update and events, you can check out the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website https://www.battlegroundsmobileindia.com/news 

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