Monday, August 23, 2021

Medikabazaar Launches Covid ICU Package To Facilitate Augmentation Of Critical Care Facilities Across The Country

Medikabazaar, India’s pioneering and largest online platform for medical supplies, has launched special COVID ICU packages that will help hospitals, nursing homes and medical establishments across the country augment their critical care facilities in a convenient manner. The special ICU packages, curated by Medikabazaar’s medical experts, will help to address the gaps in the critical care infrastructure that were seen in the first and second wave of the COVID pandemic, especially in the Tier II/III cities and in rural areas. As the country emerges from the second wave, Medikabazaar’s meticulously designed emergency Paediatric ICU and COVID ICU packages will help the nation’s healthcare infrastructure to easily and conveniently prepare for future health epidemics and pandemics.

Vivek Tiwari, Founder & CEO, Medikabazaar said, “India’s critical care infrastructure has to be brought at par with that in the developed countries. Data on the number of ICU beds in the country indicate that India has just 2.3 critical care beds per 100,000 population as against 10 to 11 beds per 100,000 population in developed countries like South Korea and Singapore[1]. Intensive care units for children are even more limited in India. With heightened sensibilities towards medical care, the government’s focus on augmenting healthcare infrastructure and corporate India’s commitment to rising to the challenge, a revolution in critical care is surely on its way. We are introducing these special ICU packages that will be a game changer and help to offset the acute shortage for ICUs in the pandemic and post-pandemic era. The packages will enable emergency ICUs to be created fairly quickly within days at any site where a large hall or room exists or even within a temporary air-conditioned structure, like COVID centres.”

Many resources are required to adequately treat a critically ill patient with COVID-19, such as an ICU bed with a full-featured ventilator, personal protective equipment ­­­­­­including isolation gowns, N95 respirators, gloves, and adequate hospital staffing. The ICU packages will help to rapidly augment the ICU infrastructure. The Paediatric ICU Package includes a BiPAP machine, Nebulizer, Patient monitor, Portable suction machine and Ventilator. The Adult COVID ICU Package includes a BiPAP machine, ICU bed, Oxygen concentrator, Patient monitor, Pulse oximeter and Ventilator.

Hospitals and nursing homes wanting to set up ICU facilities but facing financial issues need not worry as Medikabazaar offers easy financing options and credit lines in partnership with various finance companies. Medikabazaar Freedom’s smart and flexi payment solutions with limited documentation are tailor made to the needs to each medical establishment.

About Medikabazaar:

Medikabazaar is India's pioneering and largest online B2B platform for medical supplies. Founded in 2015 by Vivek Tiwari and Ketan Malkan, the company has been growing exponentially and is now clearly the most prominent digital platform in India's medical procurement and supply chain.

It started with a simple idea to help improve Indian healthcare by making it accessible and affordable. The company devised a website coupled with additional value-added services via which medical establishments can search for their required supplies, order them at the right price and time, and receive them at their doorstep irrespective of their location.

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