Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Prof. Chintamani, President & Governor-American College Of Surgeons - India Chapter To Come Live On Mitron TV

 Mitron TV, India’s leading homegrown short-format video app, has got on board the President & Governor-American College of Surgeons - India Chapter, Prof. Chintamani, who will address questions related to COVID-19. As part of Mitron TV’s #VirusToVaccine campaign, Prof. Chintamani’s session will focus on creating general awareness related to the virus and preventive measures one should undertake. The live session will stream on Saturday, June 05 at 7:00 PM on the ‘Live Samvaad’ feature. 

Prof. Chintamani is the President & Governor-American College of Surgeons - India Chapter. He is also the International Surgical Advisor-Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh UK, President-Asian Society of Mastology [ASOMA] and dons many other hats. 

Till now, Mitron has hosted six renowned doctors on its platform and has seen audiences joining from across the metro and hinterlands of India. Last week, celebrity nutritionist and health coach Ryan Fernando who is a Life Member of the Nutrition Society of India and a British Commonwealth Scholar addressed a session which focused on the value and importance of proper nutritional intake and the healthy things individuals should consume, whether the person is infected by covid or not.

Mitron’s #VirusToVaccine campaign is an initiative launched to dispel existing myths about the vaccine. The fight against COVID-19 is ongoing across India and the globe. Through this campaign, the short-format video app ensures that every individual is guided in the right direction and educated about COVID-19 and the vaccination programme from the best doctors.

All the live sessions are being conducted every Saturday at 7:00 PM on Mitron TV. For any further guidance and support on vaccination, users can send their queries to info@mitron.tv.

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