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Amrutanjan Healthcare’s Comfy Aims To Elevate Women’s Menstrual Health And Hygiene

* Offers high quality affordable and accessible solutions

* Launches a multi-media campaign featuring Shraddha Kapoor to create awareness about usage and benefits of sanitary napkins vis-à-vis cloth

Comfy Snug Fit, a fast growing menstrual hygiene brand from the house of Amrutanjan Healthcare Limited (Amrutanjan Healthcare), brings new hope in women hygiene market with its superior technology to provide affordable and high quality sanitary napkins. The brand is striving to provide hygienic menstruation solutions to cloth users, and will drive awareness campaign to educate cloth users about health and hygiene benefits of choosing sanitary napkins over cloth. It has roped in renowned actress Shraddha Kapoor to drive awareness campaign around menstrual hygiene.

Studies have shown that out of the 355 million* menstruating women in India, about a third use only cloth for their menstrual hygiene management. Only 38 per cent * menstruating girls in India spoke to their mothers about menstruation. Nearly 23 million* girls drop out of school annually due to lack of proper menstrual hygiene management facilities. This lack of menstrual hygiene is leading to serious health issues for women in the country. Nearly 60,000 cases* of cervical cancer deaths are reported every year from India, two third of which are due to poor menstrual hygiene. Accessibility and affordability of high quality products are major barriers to better menstrual health.

Sharing his thoughts, Mr. S. Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, Amrutanjan Health Care Limited, says, “The level of awareness and education regarding women’s menstrual health and hygiene remains low and is still considered as stigma in major parts of our country. As a purpose led company, we will launch a campaign aimed at raising awareness about women’s health and hygiene, in an effort to empower the women of India. We at Amrutanjan Healthcare, aim to elevate this issue which is one of the major concerns in the country and provide hygienic high quality solutions at affordable price point. With this goal we will strengthen our Comfy Snug Fit brand further. We are making sure we have robust distribution across the rural and rest of urban markets ensuring easy accessibility of the product. Comfy has grown over 5 times in last five years and our ambition is to be in top three in next 2-3 years.”

Starting at Rs. 20, Amrutanjan was the first company to launch a high quality napkin at a price point that was affordable to larger audience. Amrutanjan healthcare has partnered with TZMO Europe to obtain better technology and also made with pulp from North America. Additionally, the company also roped in an expert consultant from Israel for technical knowhow which has enabled it to develop a superior product. Comfy promises 80% better absorption than other leading brands in India.

The brand will launch a new campaign to drive home the important message of menstrual health and hygiene. The campaign will be launched on a variety of platforms across multiple media, including TV, digital and in-store.

Mr. Mani Bhagavatheeswaran, Chief Marketing Officer, Amrutanjan Health Care Limited,  “About 2-3% of women* in rural India use sanitary napkins while majority of the rest depend on cloth. Our new campaign aims to educate them on benefits of using a sanitary napkin. As a brand which works closely to elevate the women hygiene solutions, we are excited to accelerate our journey by having Shraddha Kapoor as our first ever brand ambassador on board. She is highly popular and connects with the target audience. Additionally, having spoken out vocally about issues close to her heart, she brings an authenticity and credibility to her role as ambassador and we are looking forward to a long and fulfilling partnership together.”

Commenting on the initiative, Shraddha Kapoor says, “I am extremely delighted to be partnering with Amrutanjan Healthcare for their range of Comfy Snug Fit sanitary napkins. Their endeavour to provide feminine hygiene solutions to women across the nation and spread awareness about the topic is truly commendable. As a woman, I've always actively supported the cause of menstrual hygiene. Talking about periods in India is still taboo. As per reports, many girls drop out of school each year when they start their periods. Using cloth is still the norm in many parts of the country, and it poses hygiene risks for girls. Not only is it uncomfortable, cloth has a high probability of infections.  I urge girls to use safer, better hygienic products such as the Comfy sanitary napkin. I am glad I could play a role in promoting women’s health on a national scale by associating with a brand from the house of Amrutanjan Healthcare, which is caring, healing and touching lives for 127 years.”

Conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO, the campaign has a unique and informative advertisement storyline. In the ad, Shraddha Kapoor can be seen shooting in a village, when a young village girl comments at the end of her shot. They strike up a conversation and it is revealed that the young girl is preparing to go to college, but is afraid of ‘that time of the month’, as she puts it. The dazzling Shraddha Kapoor comforts the girl and gives her a packet of Comfy Snug Fit Sanitary Napkin from her bag. Although wary at first, upon seeing the price blurb on the packet, both the girl and her mother who is also in the background, break into a smile. The ad ends with an infographic describing the technology used in the napkins to ensure a dry and comfortable experience.

Commenting on the campaign, Ms. Navneet Virk, Creative Head – South, R K SWAMY BBDO, says, “We built this campaign on the insight that small changes in life can make a big difference.If a young girl can comfortably and hygienically manage her period, she can go to college,and she can have access to better education, better opportunities and in the long term build a better life for herself. Typically for every girl, college life is a turning point and if things pertaining to period go wrong, many tend to drop out or stay home out only out of sheer embarrassment. Thus at this critical juncture in a girls life, through this TVC, Comfy wants to hold her hand and ease her over this threshold into a better tomorrow, helping her step out with confidence, helping her fly instead of feeling tied do. We wanted to cue liberation and that’s what the powerful campaign line does, 'Mud ke nahin, ud ke dekho!(don’t turn back to check for stains, just fly). That’s been Comfy's promise,that every young girl should have the power to be herself and discover her full potential.”

About Amrutanjan Healthcare Private Limited (Amrutanjan Healthcare)

Amrutanjan Healthcare Private Limited (Amrutanjan Healthcare) is a 127-year-old company with a rich legacy and is best known for its iconic brand Amrutanjan Pain Balms. A purpose-driven and innovative company, Amrutanjan Healthcare offers a versatile product portfolio. Its flagship brand, Amrutanjan, is a pain management expert that provides high quality solutions using pure and natural ingredients. Its expertise lies in combining science and naturalness, rooted in Ayurveda. Amrutanjan Healthcare believes in ethical business practices and strictly stands against the use of chemicals such as Diclofenac which have harmful side effects and damage the environment as a whole. Apart from pain management products, Amrutanjan Healthcare offers products in other categories including women’s hygiene brand Comfy Snug Fit, beverage brands Electro+ and Fruitnik and in cold and congestion category through the Amrutanjan Relief brand. As a company that is employee centric, it endeavours to provide a culture that accepts new ideas, embraces change and encourages innovation. The company’s commitment to support inclusive growth is uncompromising which is proven through the social services undertaken for generations by the company. Company is actively engaged in the fields of education for deprived sector, preventive health, environment protection, animal welfare and women empowerment.

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