Friday, May 14, 2021

India's Fastest Growing Social Audio App Fireside Takes Internet By Storm, Crosses 100k Downloads

​* Being touted as the next revolution in social audio apps, fireside aims to bring back intimacy and emotions in the way Indian converse online. 

* fireside comes with a promise of protecting intimacy and privacy of shared voice conversations​.

Setting a record within just a week of announcing its beta version, India’s  fastest growing audio-based social media app fireside has​successfully ​crossed the milestone ​of over 100k downloads. The success story of the first-of-its kind app is propelled by its founders’ vision of bringing back intimacy and emotions in social media conversations​, completely revolutionizing the way Indians talk online.

Conceptualised and founded by Sumit Ghosh,Aditya Kothari and Ashwat Venkateshan, fireside along with its user-centricity,​also ​comes with a promise of protecting privacy of shared voice conversations.

“The early success of firesides cements our vision of creating a space for audio-​based conversations to instil emotions, intimacy and a sense of belonging among social media users. In today’s time when isolation has become a​reality, fireside gives a huge ​​support by creating a virtual room to bridge emotional ​and communication​gaps. The features have been conceptualised​ and curated especially​ to give space to voices, support ideas, allow debates, simplify learning and nurture creativity. We are buoyed by the initial response and believe that fireside’s popularity will continue to grow in ​near future,” ​​said  Sumit Ghosh, CEO fireside.

Being touted as the next revolution in online audio conversations, fireside creates a common virtual room for like-minded people to come together for long and meaningful chats. The nature of sessions can range over a myriad of topics including politics, music, fashion, cinema, leisure banters among friends and many others.

Re-envisioning the concept of social discovery during these volatile times, fireside makes SOS calls convenient through its latest user-friendly audio features and amplifies urgent messages in social circles or groups by saving time and making connection easier. The​one-of-its-kind platform comes with a facility to have open and closed rooms and the scale and significance of a particular discussion can vary as per the users’ needs like discussions, debates, educational talks, helplines, post-match sports reviews, quizzes, study, among others.

Users can club their niche interests and chat about anything to stay up to date. They can also listen and learn as a member of the audience during audio sessions. From workshops to debates, from fan fiction to candid confessions, this platform aims to be an outlet for whoever wishes to speak and to listen. The pandemic has also made people realise the significance of quick and constant engagement to amplify urgent messages and fireside suits the needs perfectly.​  ​

As the country is going through stressing times due to second wave of coronavirus, fireside has also enabled a virtual space which dispenses information on Covid, and amplifies SOS requests. To support this, a 24X7 Covid helpline rooms on fireside​ are active ​ where folks can drop in and relay their requests and questions.

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