Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Meitra Hospital Sets a New Benchmark for India in Stroke Treatment

Kozhikode based tertiary care Meitra Hospital crosses yet another milestone when its team of highly skilled Neurointerventionists performed a successful brain procedure using Endovascular Revascularization techniques. The three-hour long procedure also known as Endovascular Intracranial Angioplasty and Stenting for Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) was conducted under the skilful guidance of Dr Rafeeque. It entailed the reopening of the cranial blood vessels of the Omani sexagenarian, Shamsa Mohammad Hilal Al Balushi who is a native of Al Batinah. These were completely blocked following an episode of Stroke a month ago which had her right side fully paralyzed, as well as had resulted in total loss of comprehension and speech. The patient also suffered from Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a condition where the platelet count becomes drastically low and this could have caused serious complications in the already challenging procedure.

“Usually this procedure promises success when done within 24 hours of the Stroke. A month had elapsed since the patient was fully paralyzed and totally bed ridden. Moreover, a major blood vessel inside her brain was blocked completely in addition to poor and slow blood circulation, as revealed in the perfusion scan. This posed tremendous challenge to the treating team,” recounts Dr Mohammed Rafeeque PK. “We could successfully perform the extremely complicated intervention inside the brain in which there was a great risk of haemorrhage that could have been fatal, using fine devices through delicate blood vessels without any surgery,” he further explained.

“The patient was brought to us in a very critical condition. Chances of success were very dismal, yet our team at our Centre for Neurosciences took on the challenge. This is the 1st successful Neurointervention of its kind in India. It will open more doors to further research and studies. It is an exciting development indeed not only for the Indian medical landscape, but globally as well,” said Dr P. Mohanakrishnan, CEO of Meitra Hospital.

“Since the brain cells start to deteriorate within minutes of a Stroke, getting emergency help is decisive. It is imperative that the patient be brought for treatment as early as possible. There is still a lack of awareness around the condition and new developments in treatment. For instance, in Kerala, only less than 10% of the population is aware of the latest developments. I do not suppose the national figures would be greatly different. Today there is excellent treatment for stroke via endovascular route / thrombolysis. The blood flow in blocked arteries can be restored and brain tissue saved from permanent damage, provided the patient can reach a comprehensive stroke centre at the earliest. There is an urgent need to bring to people’s attention on how these latest advancements can aid in changing their quality of life as well as educate them about the benefits of timely action,” he further added.

Following the intervention, the sixty-four-year-old Shamsa Mohammad showed noticeable changes after the first week of the intervention. Within a span of 2 weeks, she was able to normally comprehend, respond to commands and started to walk with help. Now after a few months, she can speak meaningful words and is back to an independent life from a totally bed ridden state. Today she lives a much fuller life with her family.

Dr Mohammed Rafeeque PK is a pioneer in Intracranial CTO Angioplasty and Stenting in India. He is also the 1st person in India to conduct Intracranial Intervention with exclusive 4D Robotic Navigation. His specialist team consisted of Chairman of Neurosciences - Dr K A Salam, Senior Consultant Neurologist Dr Ashraf VV, Neuro-Anesthesiologists Dr A V Kannan, Dr Gopal, Dr Nitin, Dr Smera and a Hematologist.

The Kozhikode based hospital has been at the fore front of bringing latest in healthcare technologies and practices to elevate the standards of care delivery. It has strived to provide warm and calming healing environment so required to ensure a speedy and comprehensive recovery of all its patients.

About Meitra

Meitra Hospital, Calicut, is one of the most advanced tertiary care centre in South India, committed to provide world class patient care by blending the concepts of a care path based on ‘Evidence Based Guidelines’ along with the benefits of modern technology. Meitra effectively integrates clinical expertise and world class infrastructure to enhance the quality of life of patients. Meitra offers unparalleled clinical care, backed by expertise in almost all medical disciplines. This newly established hospital provides patients with Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Healthcare as well as a network of facilities that is conducive for good health. Meitra will strive to provide outstanding tertiary care for patients to India and beyond. Translating breakthroughs in Science and Technology into patient care, the Meitra team comprises of skilled, innovative, and passionate doctors with centres of excellence in Cardiology (heart & vascular care), Orthopaedics (bone & joint care) & Neurosciences. 

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