Friday, June 12, 2020

Perpule Expands its Operations in SouthEast Asia & Launches its E Commerce Enablement Platform

Following the massive rise in demand of ecommerce enablement solutions globally, Perpule a leading retail tech startup from India expanding its footprint to the Southeast Asian market with its ecommerce enablement product Perpule E-Commerce+. Through this expansion, the company is targeting modern retailers - spanning across categories like fashion, grocery, electronics, food & others - operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore & Philippines.

The retail market in Southeast Asia is over $700 billion but is yet to adopt modern technologies and become heavy on ecommerce. COVID-19 has further exacerbated the situation by disrupting the businesses of several offline retailers who are now facing a slowdown in sales and operations. Perpule E-Commerce+ strives to address these challenges by driving ecommerce readiness and thereby helping the retailer community restart their operations afresh in the post-COVID world. The company aims to secure around 20% of the ecommerce market share and help offline retailers switch to an online model in minimum time.

Perpule Ecommerce+ is truly built with a next gen approach to facilitate ecommerce smoothly from offline stores and has all the necessary integration with leading payment gateways, logistics players, ERP, POS, Loyalty etc. to make ecommerce enablement much easier for retailers. Perpule’s homegrown Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology is a game-changer in ecommerce for retailers. It offers users a superior browsing experience even on poor internet connections and works completely offline thereby improving conversion rates by over 40%.

Commenting on the expansion, Abhinav Pathak, CEO & Cofounder, Perpule said, “While the entire world stands disrupted by the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, the retailer community has been impacted the most. At Perpule, we aim to equip retailers with an advanced, new-age online platform and provide them with a major fillip to effectively and profitably run their businesses, even during a crisis like this. We are delighted to foray into the Southeast Asian market and will endeavor to serve customers in the best possible manner through our tech-driven platform.”

About Perpule:

The founders- Abhinav Pathak (CEO), Saketh BSV and Yogesh Ghaturle started Perpule with the aim of providing better customer experiences in offline retail stores. With this in mind, they built India's first self-checkout solution and then scaled that into an end to end billing platform called UltraPOS which has been implemented by popular retail brands such as Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop, Starbucks, HyperCity, Vishal MegaMart, etc. UltraPOS, a platform-independent, form factor independent POS billing system that can enable anytime, anywhere billing. It is a cloud-based SaaS product that eliminates the need for bulky servers and computers in the store. This leads to more display space at the stores, thus increasing sales per square foot.

About Perpule E-Commerce :

Perpule E-Commerce+ is a product launched by Perpule, one of India's leading omnichannel commerce companies, to enter the South East Asia Market. Perpule E-Commerce+ is Secure, Scalable, Fully Managed and Customizable Enterprise E-Commerce Platform for retailers, online brands and anyone else who wants to set up their online stores. Perpule E-Commerce+ makes offline retailers future-ready and helps them go online and leverage the power of E-Commerce. It comes packaged with a multi-channel solution and can help manage all the complex retail workflows. Perpule Ecommerce+ makes use of PWA technology which gives a superior browsing experience even on poor internet connections and works completely offline. Perpule E-Commerce+ has 40% better conversion rates as compared to other ecommerce platforms.

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