Friday, June 19, 2020

Mamaearth to Bring Back Smiles and Distribute More than 20,000 Face Masks through its Goodness Ambassador Program

After distributing more than 50,000 hand sanitizers to people in need, Mamaearth, a toxin-free personal care start-up has launched yet another campaign that demonstrates the brand’s resolution for responsible marketing.  

With the brand promise of ‘Goodness Inside’, the idea of goodness in action is integral to the brand. When the pandemic struck and brought with it some unprecedented challenges, Mamaearth decided to appoint “Goodness Ambassadors” in a bid to help the community. These influencers not only spread awareness about the WHO guidelines for precautions against the infection but also distributed free sanitizers to people like security personnel, healthcare workers, delivery agents, domestic help, and others who needed it the most.

Now, as the lockdown eases, more people will venture out of their houses to this new normal. While people take all the precautions to stay safe, their smiles will be hidden behind the face masks. So, Mamaearth decided to find a way to spread smiles through the face masks themselves. They’ve created face masks with a simple smile printed on them, and are sending it across to all their Goodness Ambassadors. 

Being an environmentally conscious organization that believes in the conservation of Mother Earth for future generations, their masks are of cotton cloth that won’t add to the plastic in oceanic waste. These cloth masks are washable and reusable as well.

“Smiles have been the universal way to greet people for ages. It’s an expression of happiness at seeing the other person. It’s how you let someone know you’re pleased to see them. It’s also a way to show gratitude. It’s an amalgamation of many positive emotions. Our face masks are an important layer of precaution, but our smiles will be lost behind it to everyone we meet. The ‘Let your Smile Show’ Campaign is an initiative to put a smile on the face of the mask wearer, and remind others looking at them to smile too.” Said Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder and Chief Mum at Mamaearth. 

In its bid to spread more smiles, Mamaearth has reached out to all their goodness ambassadors including employees, consumers, partners, agencies, bloggers, and influencers. The goal is to distribute more than 20,000 masks through 2500+ Goodness Ambassadors. 

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