Friday, June 26, 2020

Delhi, Guwahati Top TRA’s Mental Well being Index During Covid

TRA Research, a consumer insights and brand analytics company, released a whitepaper today tracking the Mental Wellbeing of citizens across urban India during the lockdown period. The survey was conducted across 16 cities between 23rd March and 21st May 2020. The study measured Health Worry, Economy Worry, Family Worry and Financial worry of citizens and their ability to cope with them.

The demographic pattern of the Mental Wellbeing Index (MWBI) shows that citizens of Delhi (NCR) and Guwahati display the highest mental strength in their ability to cope with their anxieties since the coronavirus spread started in India. Hyderabad had 87% Mental Wellbeing Index score displaying ‘Excellent’ Mental ability. Indore and Chandigarh, both at 78% are rated ‘Very Good’ on Mental Wellbeing.

However in the South, most cities showed greater vulnerability in coping with their Covid worries with Chennai having the lowest MWBI score at 43% followed closely by Kochi at 45%. Nagpur was also in the same range with a 44% score.

Speaking about report N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, said that "Research shows that Mental Wellbeing impacts people's coping effectiveness, relationships, performance, mood, emotional balance, and also physical health. The necessity of measuring Mental Wellbeing is crucial as the most important indicator of how people, cities and countries may get impacted when faced with such a severe crisis, and how they emerge in its wake".

"The sharpening coronavirus curve, a long-drawn lockdown, with related health, economic and financial insecurities have pushed Indian citizens into a wave of mental wellbeing anxieties without enough coping mechanisms." N. Chandramouli added elaborating on the findings of report.

“Mental Wellbeing is ‘bi-directional’, implying that mental illnesses are not merely consequences of the pandemic, but an inability to deal with them effectively can lead to a greater collective impact of the disease”, TRA’s CEO said.

About TRA Research

TRA Research, a Comniscient Group company, is a consumer insights and brand intelligence Company dedicated to understanding and analyzing stakeholder behavior through two globally acclaimed proprietary matrices of Brand Trust and Brand Desire. TRA Research conducts primary research with consumers and stakeholders to assist brands with their business decisions based on Consumer Behaviour insights.

TRA Research is consulting brands on transitioning during and after the Covid-19 crisis, to help them be more aligned to consumer and client expectations. TRA Research is the also the publisher of TRA’s Brand Trust Report and of TRA’s Most Desired Brands.

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