Thursday, November 14, 2019

Elior India Unveils El Chef - A First-of-its-Kind Digital Initiative for Corporate Employees in India

Elior India, India's largest pure play food services company, has announces the launch of El Chef - a new to industry, pioneering digital initiative for food at the workplace. The El Chef platform allows employees to create their favourite menus, monitor order updates & history, check out weekly menus and plan meals based on their specific needs.

Information about allergens, the total calorie value of the meal, and e-invoices are also readily available on the El Chef platform. In addition to this, all modern payments gateways like online wallets, credit/debit card, UPI etc are enabled on this interface to allow users a seamless transaction experience without any promotional interventions.

At the launch, Philippe Guillemot, CEO, Elior Group said, “Innovation is an essential component of Elior Group's corporate mission. It is a part of what we are and what we want to become: a responsible player in the everyday lives of the people we serve. The Group's passion for innovation covers not only food and services but also technology. With a unique application like El Chef, Elior India is set to make a lasting impression in the food services industry. The Group is proud to have El Chef as a part of its repertoire and excited to be here with Elior India on this momentous occasion.”

“Many working professionals tend to skip their meals or simply have no time for it. An in-house food ordering app like El Chef can help during challenges like stringent deadlines, extended meetings, and other such issues faced by employees in the corporate sector. El Chef is a first-of-its-kind digital initiative by a food services company that will not only act as an extensive menu planning and ordering platform, but will also help us track consumer’s consumption preferences, understand food trends amongst employees better, offer healthy options according to taste, and help us serve our customers better. With El Chef, we will also be able to reduce food wastage more effectively as part of our sustainability goals within India," said Sanjay Kumar, CEO & MD, Elior India.

Elior entered India in 2017 through two simultaneous acquisitions – Megabite and CRCL with the aim to provide and transform the food experience of employees at the workplace. Three years later, we feel proud that our vision has been embraced widely and more and more companies that value employee well-being choose us as their preferred food services partner.

Elior India remains bullish on the Indian market and will continue to invest in it as and when the right opportunities come up. The mix will include investments in technology platforms, core assets, infrastructure and of course bolt-on acquisitions to complement the existing portfolio. After having recently invested in setting up production facilities in Delhi, Elior India now serves more than 200,000 meals per day with over 4500 employees utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in the day-to-day operations with best in class safety standards. 

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