Thursday, May 2, 2019

Companies Empowering SMEs with Superior Technology in India

Technology has emerged as a key enabler in the economy today, helping businesses achieve economies of scale and scale up their ventures. However, while India is covering significant leaps in digitalisation and other advanced technologies, not every business enjoys an easy access to the same. To bridge the gap between the burgeoning Indian enterprises and the latest technology, several tech companies have come up with their unique offerings.

Let’s take a look at these ventures that help small businesses successfully ride the growing wave of technology and achieve business growth.

Cybage: Ensuring Digital Excellence & Better Value per Unit Cost

Catering to the enterprise business segment, Cybage works at applying digital platforms, techniques and technologies to enable more profitable business models. It solves complex problems for businesses by using new-age advancements in cloud, data analytics, mobility, social collaboration, and e-commerce. Furthermore, the tech enterprise helps small businesses through its scientific, data-driven system called DecisionMinesTM that removes the risks in the methodology and provides more predictable outcomes while ensuring better value per unit cost.

Till date, solutions by Cybage has yielded successful results for industries in diverse verticals like Media & Entertainment, Online Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Technology. Cybage a worthy partner to technology startups, mid-size companies, and Fortune 500 corporations alike, and a proud partner of several industry leaders like Microsoft, AWS, Adobe, and Oracle.

Qlik: Empowering businesses through data management & analytics

Helping businesses make complete sense of business data, Qlik offers an end-to-end businesses intelligence, data management and analytics platforms. Solutions offered by Qlik have been instrumental in achieving a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, reimagining businesses processes, discovering newer revenue streams while balancing the risks with rewards.

With Qlik Sense Enterprise, enterprises have access to a full-spectrum of flexible and scalable analytics use-cases on a modern multi-cloud platform and Qlik Sense® Cloud enables your group or team to get analytics up and running fast. Qlik has its presence in more than 100 countries and serves over 48,000 customers in key Verticals including Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, BFSI, amongst others, and its clients include TCS, United Nations, HDFC Life, Lupin Pharmaceuticals and more.

Telebu: Enterprise Communication Made Easy

Telebu solves the critical need of timely and efficient communication for the fast-growing enterprises. Even if the teams are remotely spread out, Telebu’s complete suite of enterprise communication products including audio conferencing, bulk SMSs etc. ensure time- and cost-efficient communication without any lags.

With its marquee product and audio conferencing solution, grptalk, Telebu allows instant conferencing (dial-out calls) for enterprises with 3 to over 10,000 participants. The cost-effective solution removes any delays in conference calls, with the participants only having to answer the call from the bridge, not requiring any pin code, password etc.

Other enterprise solution products by Telebu include bulk text and voice SMS solution, in-bound and out-bound call centre software, emergency alert system, and API platform. The technology solutions by Telebu serve businesses of varying scale, right from start-ups, MSMEs, to multinational conglomerates. AI-driven Virtual Assistants

Being the industry’s first and only enterprise-class AI-driven engagement platform, provides conversational virtual assistants to digital businesses. The global platform has tied up with a number of social media platforms including Facebook, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on for seamless deployment of virtual assistants over these platforms. The same can also be deployed to proprietary website of a business using its API (Application Program Interface).

The virtual-assistant-led approach helps businesses to drive better engagement with their customers as compared to conventional marketing channels such as emails and phone calls. Lately, the brand has also partnered with Google’s AdLingo to further bring conversational AI to display advertising. Till date, the Silicon-Valley-based start-up has led more than 2 billion engagements with more than 100 million end-customers across the globe.

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