Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Wipro Lighting and Mapiq Announce Partnership for Smart Workplaces

Wipro Lighting, part of Wipro Enterprises Limited and Mapiq, The Netherlands have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver a superior end-user experience in the area of Smart Workplaces.

Wipro Lighting, a pioneer in smart lighting products in India, is one the largest lighting companies in the country. It is synonymous with innovative lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor across many different industries, such as retail, commercial offices, healthcare, and others. Wipro’s tremendous depth in lighting knowledge and collaborations with international lighting and technology companies led to the launch of  Internet of Lighting (IoL)TM in 2018. In October of 2018, Frost & Sullivan recognized Wipro with the “Connected Lighting Company of the Year” award.

“We're going to see a rise in smart building world with a focus on the end-users. We believe that this partnership can take us to the next level when it comes down to really understanding the needs of employees and support them during their workday. A productive, happy employee is the foundation for the biggest ROI for a company.” said Anuj Dhir, Vice President & Business Head, Commercial Lighting Business of Wipro.

Mapiq is a Dutch scale up and frontrunner in the development of smart building platforms. With headquarters in Delft, The Netherlands it creates a unified, cloud-based platform that helps optimize workspaces and activate the true potential of employees. Mapiq is a software platform that shows your office building in an interactive 3D map. Employees can use Mapiq to book rooms, find their way around the building, search for free workplaces, find their colleagues, and much more. It works like personalized Google for Smart Workplace.  Facility managers and building owners can use data collected by Mapiq to make well thought out decisions about their office spaces.

“The workspace has become more open and dynamic than ever before. Being able to work anytime, anywhere, provides great flexibility. However, this way of working often decreases the amount of face-to-face contact in the office. Technology with its unique twist, brings people and teams back together,” said Sander Schutte, Founder & CEO of Mapiq.

Wipro will implement Mapiq into their of  Internet of Lighting (IoL)TM - Smart Building Proposition. For Mapiq this partnership represents the global ambitions of the company. The agility and innovation from a Dutch scale-up and the experience and service from one of the most recognized technology companies is promising formula for a global roll-out.  The first Smart building in India arising from this partnership is expected to go live before summer 2019.

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