Friday, March 15, 2019

The Data Literacy Project Introduces 18 Free Courses Offered by Qlik

Today the Data Literacy Project, the community dedicated to making society fluent in data, has announced the expansion of its library of resources, with 18 free Data Literacy courses now available from Qlik to help people and organizations around the world understand, analyze and use data with confidence.

Launched in October 2018, the Data Literacy Project includes founding partners Qlik, Accenture, Cognizant, Experian, Pluralsight, Chartered Institute of Marketing and Data to the People, with an overall aim of strengthening the data literacy skills among the workforce in today’s increasingly digitalized economy.

The expansion of the education program, which sees Qlik doubling the number of its courses over the last year, comes as part of the Project’s pledge to create the world’s most extensive library of resource-based learning for data literacy.

“Data-informed decision making is the ability to transform data and information into actionable and verified knowledge to ultimately make decisions,” said Kevin Hanegan, Chief Learning Officer at Qlik. “As the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes hold, data will be its universal language. That’s why we have made a firm commitment to helping organizations globally upskill workers in data literacy, from tackling unconscious bias in how they interpret data, to tips on how to correctly interrogate data, to ensure more robust business outcomes.”

Upskilling the workforce in data literacy is fundamental to unlocking business growth. Qlik’s recent Global Data Literacy Index found that organizations with higher levels of data literacy are associated with 3-5% greater enterprise value - a potential increase for large enterprises of between $320 and $534 million, associated to areas including productivity and growth. Enabling individuals to be data literate - i.e. fully confident in their ability to read, work, analyze and argue with data - when they leave education will set them up for success in the future workplace and help fuel business growth as well.

Self-service Platform Supports Improving Data-Informed Decision Making

The free courses, which are powered by Qlik’s self-service online learning platform and available on the Data Literacy Project website, have been designed to empower everyone with the ability to understand and use data with confidence, as well as help to foster a culture of data literacy and data-informed decision making inside organizations.

In addition to self-paced online learning modules, the following are also available from the Data Literacy Project: a comprehensive data analytics certification, learning resources for professors and students, and a Data Literacy Project individual assessment to receive a training roadmap based on your data persona. Qlik also offers a one day, instructor-led class, which is available worldwide as part of its Data Literacy education program at

“We firmly believe that data literacy should not be a skill beholden to a few individuals. That’s why we are taking direct action to instill data literacy more widely across all businesses through the free data literacy courses we offer,” said Hanegan. “Only by making sure that students and organizations have the basic building blocks in place to grapple with and analyze data for future, will we stand them up for success in The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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