Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Need for a Through and Transparent Inquiry into the Crash of HAL Upgraded IAF Fighter in Bengaluru: MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar

“Today, 05 February 2019, I had submitted a Zero Hour Mention on the “Need for a thorough and transparent inquiry into the crash of a HAL upgraded IAF Fighter in Bengaluru and consequent loss of life of two brave Air Warriors of the IAF”.

Unfortunately, it could not be taken up today due to the TMC’s disruption of Parliament and hopefully I will take it up tomorrow.”

Here’s the link to my Zero Hour Mention:

The three operative paras in the Zero Hour are:

“ The Aircraft was not being flown by ordinary pilots, they were specialists and trained Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) pilots - The Top Guns of Indian Air Force's Air Warriors. It is, therefore, extremely necessary to conduct a thorough and transparent inquiry into this.”

“..Regardless of the outcome of the Court of Inquiry, we owe it to the families of the many IAF air warriors who have lost their lives in these test air crashes to take measures that put the prime focus on ensuring that HAL is strengthened to be more technologically capable, accountable and responsive for its products and services to men and women of the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army who fly them.”

“I also appeal to those in the political class who have dithered in the modernization of our combat fleets for over a decade whilst they bought helicopters for VIPs - to not obstruct the modernization anymore to score political points. Doing so would be to put our brave young aviators at risk unrelated to the enemy or combat mission”.

“Many brave air-warriors have lost their lives in such similar test flights, and while a Court of Inquiry has been announced by HAL, the Government must make it perfectly clear that accountability for these mishaps must be fixed.  It is our collective political duty to ensure that our brave combat aviators fly the latest aircraft and not continue to fly 35 and 40-year old aircraft to fulfil their missions in peace and war for our Nation”

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