Friday, October 12, 2018

First of its Kind, All in One Shaving System called Trazor Launched by a Delhi Based Startup

Trazor was born as a result of everything that could be fixed with the current wet-shaving systems. The inspiration came from a Swiss Army Knife kept side by side with a shaving razor. 

Trazor is the first shaving system in India which serves both as a shaving gel and aftershave, into the handle. The Trazor's gel eliminates the need for harmful, non-environmentally friendly shaving foams and alcohol-based aftershave. Each Trazor shaving handle dispenses the gel that is free of parabens and alcohol.  Trazor allows you to choose from 25 + popular blades, giving the user freedom to choose blades of his choice. 

The mandate for the Trazor team was simple – A design with unlimited possibilities-  An incredible design to fall in love with, ergonomic to minimize slips and cuts, and an inbuilt natural shaving gel and after-shave free of harmful chemicals and alcohol with minimum use of water (Trazor Gel). A design that would work equally well for him and her, young and young at heart, that is also easy to carry and easy to use.

How it all started

One afternoon back in 2015 two old friends met after 15 years at a coffee shop in Noida and discussed shaving and all the things that could be fixed for 3 hours, consequently a new shaving system was born that would completely revolutionize the shaving world. 

The journey started back in 2015 – From a humble two-person operation gradually some of the smartest design engineers and innovative minds from around India were brought together, who put in 1000's of hours of painstaking labour, designing, building and rebuilding dozens of prototypes, failing multiple times, before finalizing on the current version of Trazor.

Why the Trazor shaving system was created:  

The major razor companies that make most shaving systems in the market charge exorbitant prices for blades, and to protect their fat margins, they ensure the blades fit only their handles. They have gone one step further by charging even more from women.

You will never again be locked to a handle that only accepts a certain type of expensive blade. Not only that, Trazor comes with its own signature five-edge stainless steel razor blade for a smooth and comfortable shave.

Trazor is designed to offer you the ultimate in shaving experience.

Trazor is one compact system for home and away-from-home use - take it with you wherever life takes you. With Trazor, shaving will be a hassle-free and convenient experience, be it in the washroom of your home, workplace, gym, hotel, anywhere.

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