Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Autodesk and Amazon Offer Customers Extra Compute Power to Explore Generative Design

Autodesk and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have joined hands to drive greater adoption of generative design technology by manufacturers. Autodesk generative design uses cloud computing and artificial intelligence to accelerate design exploration beyond what’s humanly possible. Subscribers of the new Autodesk Fusion 360 Ultimate, who want to get started with generative design will get 500 additional cloud credits from AWS. The program will officially commence on July 1st and will be available to new annual subscribers of Fusion 360 Ultimate.

Fusion 360 Ultimate subscribers can use cloud credits to perform generative design studies (25 cloud credits), explore options, and download their chosen design (100 cloud credits)

Customers who take part in this offer will be able to complete several design studies with their 1,500 credits

Designers and engineers in the manufacturing sector can use generative design to quickly generate a set of high-performance design options based on their specific constraints (like weight, materials, or manufacturing methods). The cloud allows for rapid exploration of dozens or even hundreds of possible solutions in the design space. Engineers can then consider and judge between the different options that best meet their needs.

Autodesk customers like General Motors, Airbus and Lightning Motorcycles have already invested in generative design to develop products that are higher-performing, lighter, or require fewer parts than their predecessors.

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