Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Artist Bharati Shah Unravels the Saga of Life with a Painting Expo in Bangalore

Usha-Dawn- The rise of a new day; an array of vibrant colors is the theme for artist Bharati Shah's painting exhibition. The exhibition will be held from 1st December to 4th December at Gallery time & space, Bengaluru. The painting exhibition brought out the life itself manifest in the early hours of a day with the landscape paintings of Bharti Shah, the author of “Spices Synonyms in Indian Languages”. All the displayed paintings celebrates the hues of a new dawn.

A self-taught artist, Bharati’s bold artistic expression traversing different mediums such as oil, water color, acrylic etc. has landed her innumerable stints at some of the most coveted art shows and spots in India and abroad. Starting out with Mumbai in 1998, she went on to deck the caves at Amdavad ni Gufa in 2008, the Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan in 2010, and L & P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre in 2014.

“The painting exhibition USHA is a manifestation of my memories, as well as the phases that a person goes through, during relationships, during loss, birth, death. A slice of each completes the person and fulfills his purpose in life. All those emotions are painted on canvas in vibrant colors,” said Bharti Shah, the artist.

A chance to showcase her collection at Arterie Fine Art Gallery, made Chicago the next stop in Shah’s artistic sojourn. Her exhibition at India House, London, and a group show at Bhutan, fortified further her connect with the global artistic circuit. In a span of 18 years, her collection has been through Hyderabad, Gurgaon, New Delhi and Baroda.

Apart from the national and international shows, her works have also sought popular demand with top government officials from India, USA, Germany, United Kingdom and Australia.

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