Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Marigold Solar Composters Launched for Households in Bangalore

Prudent Eco Systems, a Bangalore based startup; today announced its latest product, Marigold Solar Composter.

“Marigold Solar Composters are designed for waste management in the urban environment where space and other logistics for collection and eco-friendly disposal are a real challenge. By using modern technology and the forces of nature, our product ensures safe and hygienic composting of household waste. Use of our composter ensures waste is composted into rich and organise fertilizer which again goes back into nature for home gardening,” shared an ever motivated and excited Ravindra Karnad, Founder – Prudent Eco Systems

“The Marigold Mini that we are launching today is most suitable for a family that generates upto 1 litre of waste per day. The bin can take 4-6 weeks of waste. Made out of stainless steel on the inside, the design ensures optimized rapid and clean aerobic composting of the waste without a need of any proprietary additives to speed up the process. The process is simple, mess proof and takes place under natural conditions. This bin also ensures that no rodents enter it while the leachates (if any, usually none) collect in a separate tray that can easily be removed for cleaning. The product is built on what I call “Passive Technology” with minimal moving parts. This leads to solutions which last for years, with minimal or zero maintenance. The user sees the outcome and technology remains in the background.

When asked about his inspiration for “Passive Technology”, Ravi shared “The best example of such technology is the Five-hundred-year old acoustic system of Golconda fort. In Europe, Roman Aqueducts are great example of using passive technology to solve the problem of drinking water for a large urban population. In these solutions we all understand there is some technology at play but its invisible to the layman but has served the purpose for centuries”

“The products have done very well across residential complexes in Bangalore where gated communities such as Ferns Paradise (Doddenakundi), Brigade Paramount, Admirality Manor to name a few, are using Marigold composters to convert their wet waste (of up to 200 kg per day) to organic fertilizer”, added Ravi.

Unlike many other composting systems, the Marigold System does not involve the use of special additives or accelerators with microbes. Prudent Eco Systems believes that composting is a natural process which should be bereft of ‘enhancers’. The composter uses easily available dry leaves (in powdered form) or other equivalent agricultural waste.

Marigold System bins are available in the following sizes:
1.    Mini (19 Lit)
2.    Small (38 Litres)
3.    Large (180 Litres)
4.    Extra Large (360 Litres)
5.    Ultra Large (540 Litres)

 “We did extensive research amongst people who were interested in composting - including early adopters. We found consumers wanted an odor free, easy to use device that would help them compost their kitchen waste rapidly without flies or rodents. As the composter would be placed in the house - they also wanted one that looked attractive and was easy to clean. Prudent was able to address all these requirements by designing a household composter for urban living in India', shared Rini Dutta, founder, Centric Brand Advisors which is a branding and marketing consulting firm based out of Bangalore.

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