Monday, February 20, 2017

German Engineered SmartWash Set to Revolutionize Indian Bathrooms

Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation, a 50 year veteran of the industrial automation industry has marked its entry into the B2C lifestyle consumer segment through the launch of SmartWash, a range of automated bathroom closet seats. A fusion of precision German engineering and local manufacturing in Bangalore, SmartWash aims to redefine the hygiene, convenience and luxury benchmark in Indian bathrooms.

Available in 4 different variants, SmartWash aims to usher in a distinct shift in our day-to-day bathroom experience. With features like automated water cleansing for both men and women, pulse and water massage and odor control, the SmartWash offers a truly global quality offering at prices tailored to suit Indian budgets. The price range begins at Rs 9999 and consumers will have the choice to purchase their product through the online store or through local stores very soon.

Commenting on this disruptive and ambitious entry into the Lifestyle segment, HK Nagbhushan, Head of Operations and Director, India said, “We have been a pioneer in the industrial automation space for more than 50 years now. This education of creating world class manufacturing led us to the discovery of this product category. Our research shows that the Indian market is ripe for a smart bathroom. The growing urban elite are behind the tremendous demand for improving living standards as they have been exposed to global sensibilities. We estimate a demand of more than 50000 units in the first year alone.”

The SmartWash fits on most current bathroom pots and comes with easy instructions for a quick installation. Users will very soon have an option to avail an installation service with an on-ground channel partner for added convenience. Commenting on the realization of a long standing dream for Dr. Wiesner Test and Automation, Jochen Má½’ller, Executive Director and Board Member, said “We are proud of this German Engineered and Made in India product. The team in India gets a lot of credit for having the vision of the product, especially one that touches our personal lives with so much impact. We are manufacturing almost 100% of the product in India itself which gives you an indicator of the technical strength of our Indian engineering and sourcing team.”

Post launch, the team is looking to ramp up production capacity at its Dabaspet facility near Bangalore. There is a strong push to adhere to the ‘Make in India’ theme and they estimate the team strength to quadruple in the next two years. SmartWash has received very positive interest from interior designers and real estate developers that promises to be a high volume growth area for the brand. The company has plans to enhance their lifestyle category product line in the near future with products like air purifiers and nebulizers under development. 

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