Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Clearvision & Atlassian Expand Businesses in India; Clearvision Appoints Head of India Operations

Clearvision, UK and Atlassian, Australia announced their entry into India through a collaborative partnership.  The joint venture is yet another step towards creating an eco-system for Clearvision to fully service, provide support and training to Atlassian’s Indian customers. Atlassian, a global soft services company with an annual turnover of US$ 4.3 billion is the preferred and long standing global partner for Clearvision. 

Speaking to journalists, Gerald Tombs, Founder and CEO - Clearvision said, “We believe that our next phase of growth will come from India. Our training and support businesses will be amply supported by the vast talent pool available in this country. Our plans include setting up a Centre in Bangalore for training, service support and providing customized solutions. Announcing the appointment of their head of Indian operations, Gerald further added, “Bringing Vaidyanathan. S on board is a conscious decision to make our customers feel comfortable that they have expert advice locally. We welcome Vaidyanathan to Clearvision”. 

Today, Clearvision is one of the largest and most experienced Atlassian Experts, working with the likes of Cisco, Proctor & Gamble and Thales and projects that span dozens of countries and thousands of developers. To date, Clearvision have run over 850 significant projects for happy customers.

Clearvision is a leading independent software solutions company. Its recent partnerships with the likes of QASymphony (test management) and Sonatype (software supply chain management) remains a testament to that fact.

Clearvision has become recognised as global leaders in Git, the industry leading open source version control tool. Clearvision has worked with the likes of Alcatel Lucent and Teranet on significant projects to transition their teams from ClearCase to Git. Modern software teams have seen the notable impact using Git can have on the productivity levels of software development.

Commenting on his appointment, Vaidyanathan Swaminathan, Country Manager – India, Clearvision said, “I’m delighted to be a part of the Clearvision- Atlassian growth story. I have worked with many technology companies earlier in the last 25 years, but am looking forward to exciting times executing a challenging role with a company setting up new base ”.

The next evolution for Clearvision is to ensure clients are adopting Continuous Delivery - always striving for the most agile, productive and continuously improving software delivery environment possible. This transcends software development processes and tools, and becomes part of an ethos and culture that Clearvision calls 'Digital Transformation'.

This sits at the heart of Spectrum, Clearvision's flagship product. Spectrum is an ALM platform that makes managing Atlassian and open source applications easier. With a personalised dashboard for better visibility of data, a process manager for workflow management, and a number of other features, Spectrum makes application management simple.

Spectrum is a reflection of Clearvision’s core belief that software development teams should spend less time on their infrastructure and more time doing what they do best, delivering quality products.

Having run many successful projects in India Clearvision is now looking forward to a continued expansion, working with leading teams in the Indian subcontinent.

According to Paul Conroy, Business Manager – Asia Pacific, Atlassian, “We are pleased to partner with Clearvision on their entry into the Indian market. As the global preferred Atlassian Expert partner, we see this as a long term commitment in a strategic market. Atlassian’s presence amongst the developer tools community is well known. India is key to our continued success and an important market for growth of developer tools as well as flagship products, JIRA and Confluence.  We see this rapid growth and adoption to accelerate with Clearvision’s partnership, through their foray into the key Indian market”.

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