Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Has Wipro axed 33 employees across centres?

IT companies HR teams too have not been left untouched by pink slips. According to a web report, Wipro has given marching orders to a as many as 33 of its employees who formed the part of the company's candidate relationship management team.

The team was specifically responsible for talent acquisition. However, with a hiring freeze across centres, these recruiters had little to do.

The report quotes an employee who on the condition of anonymity said that they were told on March 17 that they have only thirteen days left in the organisation. By March 30, all the team members were relieved from service and the team was dissolved. According to him, none of them were given notice.

Earlier in February, the company said it would honour the job offers it made to 8,000 freshers, though there is a possibility of this spilling over to next year.


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