Thursday, August 24, 2023

Godrej Properties Commissioned Report ‘Waste Matters’, A Handbook On Better Management Of Construction Waste For Real Estate In India’

Waste measured across 4,536 data points,141 materials identified across 19 core construction material categories

Concrete and gypsum, are the top two contributors to construction waste

Godrej Properties, India's leading real estate developer, commissioned NGO partner Feedback Foundation to understand the quantum, composition, and distribution of waste generated at every stage of construction. ‘Waste Matters’ highlights the lack of reliable data on waste generation within the sector as one of the biggest challenges that inhibit sustainable construction waste management and underscores the urgent need to set up comprehensive processes to better manage construction waste. Further to publishing key findings, the report handbook provides actionable insights on waste reduction, segregation, traceability, and recycling to effectively set the real estate sector on a path to reach Zero Waste to Landfill and concludes with general recommendations on Waste Management for stakeholders within the ecosystem including developers, contractors, urban local bodies, policymakers, and the government.

The on-ground research was conducted across 12 Godrej Properties Ltd. (GPL) and 2 Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. (MLDL) under-construction projects in four cities which included Bengaluru, Gurugram (part of NCR), Mumbai (part of MMR), and Pune.

While conducting preliminary research for the report, it has been found out that 25 million tonnes of construction waste was generated in the past ten years. Based on GPL’s on-site assessment, for every million square feet of residential development, approximately 3,648 tonnes of construction waste is generated. Concrete and gypsum emerged as the top two contributors to construction waste, accounting for 1.672 and 0.411 kilograms/per square feet, followed by metal, sand, cement, sand, stone, and tiles.

Speaking on the key findings of Waste Matters, Anubhav Gupta, CEO Vikhroli, Chief ESG, Sustainability, and CSR Officer, Godrej Properties said “As responsible developers, we believe that waste matters and through this handbook, we call upon the sector to acknowledge the criticality of integrating waste management as a core part of operations and to uphold higher standards of carbon neutrality. Together we can chart a roadmap for zero waste to landfill within the construction sector in India. At Godrej Properties, we are committed to playing our part and we invite you to join us on this important journey”.

The country's exponential urbanization has led to an increase in construction waste generation. The construction industry must take greater responsibility to understand the environmental impact of material selection, construction processes, and waste disposal. Being pioneers in sustainable development, Godrej Properties Limited (GPL) recognized the need for an on-ground construction waste management study for the Indian real estate sector and entrusted us with conducting such a study. It is truly an honour and a testament to our shared commitment to driving positive change. We are confident that this handbook will allow a precise estimate of construction waste in the country and will direct a more informed approach to waste management said, Ajay Sinha, CEO, Feedback Foundation.

GPL’s focus lies in promoting waste segregation, encouraging recycling initiatives, and ensuring responsible disposal practices. Developers can set up systems and processes to manage construction waste at their sites by following four actionable recommendations:

Set up an Aspect-Impact Register for each stage of construction by adopting a risk assessment and management approach.

Institute a Construction Waste Management Plan - listing stage-wise requirements for both internal teams and external partners.

Build awareness and capacities of all teams to harness the collective potential of internal teams and external partners.

Update the General Conditions of Contract (GCC) to include Waste Management mandates to provide a clear contractual framework for all parties.

Cognizant of the pressing concerns surrounding construction waste management in India's rapidly urbanizing landscape, and as a leading advocate for sustainable development, GPL believes that sustainable construction practices are essential in creating environmentally conscious communities that prioritize resource efficiency and contribute to the overall well-being of both people and the planet. The company is actively collaborating with stakeholders, government bodies, and industry partners to develop innovative solutions for construction waste management and promote sustainable practices throughout India.

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