Wednesday, August 23, 2023

1,500 Companies Hire NxtWave Graduates As The Startup Continues To Revolutionize The Tech Employment Landscape

* From dynamic startups to global Fortune 500 leaders, NxtWave graduates are the preferred choice.

* With an unwavering commitment to bridging the educational-employment divide, NxtWave sets its sights on a groundbreaking goal: onboarding 10,000+ companies in the next 2 years.

* The startup is on track to create the largest pool of placement opportunities for software job aspirants.

NxtWave, a leading upskilling platform for software careers, proudly announces its latest milestone: a staggering 1,500 companies have now hired NxtWave students, underscoring the platform's unparalleled reputation in the tech talent sphere.

NxtWave's signature CCBP 4.0 programs continue to equip the youth with the most sought-after tech skills, fostering a talent pool ready to propel India's digital transformation. By seamlessly linking industry-ready candidates with top-tier companies, NxtWave is addressing the tech talent demand in India's burgeoning IT sector.

Diverse organizations, including global entities like Accenture, Bank of America, Oracle, Cognizant, and Bosch have opted for NxtWave graduates in meeting varied organizational needs. With a visionary approach, NxtWave established the largest placement ecosystem for tech aspirants, targeting collaborations with over 15,000 companies in the forthcoming years.

Rahul Attuluri, CEO of NxtWave, remarked, “As the IT landscape in India gears up for exponential growth, we’re preparing our youth for top-tier opportunities through industry-centric training. This milestone reaffirms the tangible value our graduates bring to the tech world. Every day, our alumni share stories of diving into key projects just weeks into their careers. By delivering outstanding results, they're standing out with rapid promotions and impressive salary hikes.”

P. Vasu, Assistant Vice President - Human Resources, 63 Moons Technologies Limited, praised the caliber of NxtWave graduates, noting, "NxtWave has totally become our one-stop shop for finding awesome tech talent. They're preparing students to exactly match the needs of the industry. They've made our whole talent search game smoother and quicker."

NxtWave's meticulously curated programs have been a game-changer, especially for students from diverse academic backgrounds, enabling them to seamlessly transition into coveted IT roles.

Reflecting on her journey, NxtWave alumnus Sravya Sama, now a Frontend Developer at Aptagrim, shared, “NxtWave transformed my career trajectory. I learned each concept from the basics and built strong tech skills. I got the best support from the placement team. The skills I built here are greatly helping me with my job, and I’m getting appreciation from everyone at work.”

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