Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Mother’s Recipe introduces An Exclusive Range Of Three New Variants Of Crunchy Delicious “Crispy Vadams”

Vadam holds cultural significance in South India and is enjoyed throughout the year, especially during festivals and special occasions. It adds a delightful crunch, distinct flavors, and an authentic touch to South Indian meals, making it an integral part of the regional culinary heritage. With a commitment to delighting taste buds and bringing families together, Mother's Recipe has introduced an exclusive range of three new variants of delicious “crunchy Vadams” in Bangalore. 

Mother's Recipe has introduced three new variants of crunchy delicious Crispy Vadam onion, garlic green chilli and garlic red chilli.  Mother’s Recipe crispy vadams are expertly seasoned with a perfect blend of spices and are made using the best ingredients, and superior quality spices and following traditional recipes and no added preservatives. Vadam can be served as an accompaniment with meals, paired with traditional South Indian dishes like sambar rice, rasam rice, or curd rice, or even eaten as a snack. It is well-liked by children as well and they can have it as a snack as a home-cooked replacement for chips.  

Speaking about the company’s presence in the southern market Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director of Mother's Recipe, said, "Our R&D team of experts have worked tirelessly to create these exquisite flavors that capture the essence of India's diverse culinary traditions. We do value our Indian culture and traditions hence we make sure that all our products are made authentically with the finest ingredients & follow traditional taste.We want everyone to try it atleast once and we know our consumers will love it..” 

Mother's Recipe crispy vadam is available in leading retail stores and supermarkets across Bangalore ensuring easy access for consumers looking to add a delightful crunch to their culinary adventures.  They are affordably priced at Rs. 36 for 90gm. The company will be soon launching the vadam or crispy papad variants in the Western market as well.  

About Mother’s Recipe 

Desai Foods Private limited owns the brands Mother’s Recipe, ELMAC, Spread On Dabee. The company with a robust distribution network across the country caters to diverse formats ranging from mom &  pop stores, modern trade outlets, multi-functional outlets, e-commerce, Defence and to Hotel Restaurants & Cafes (HORECA) / Food Service outlets. The company is one of the largest providers of traditional & authentic Indian taste exported to more than 50 countries in the world. The current product portfolio in India consists of Pickles, Condiments Pastes, Blended Spices, Ethnic Chutneys, Papad, Ready to Cook Spice Mixes and Instant Mixes. The company has 3 state of the art manufacturing facilities – in Pune, Kolkata  in Bharoda and is certified under ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 22000-2005. 

Mother’s Recipe has won various awards like the Consumer Voice Award, the Super brand Award, Product of the Year award along with ‘Two Star Export House’ status by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. 

All the products are available to buy online on 

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