Saturday, June 17, 2023

Fourth Edition of What Matters Emphasizes The Power Of innovation & Resilience

In today’s increasingly fractured and competitive landscape, building resilience and persistence to reach one’s goals can be daunting. However, selflessness & lifelong learning can prove to be the ray of sunlight that breaks through the fog of fear and social stigma. 

The fourth edition of SignDesk’s What Matters initiative covered these aspects, along with a host of life's lessons on how to build communities that prioritize innovation, communication and knowledge. 

At SignDesk,, What Matters featured a candid conversation between Dr. Prabhudev Konana, currently serving as Dean of the Robert H. Smith School of Business and Krupesh Bhat, the founder of SignDesk.

The conversation focused on breaking barriers amd social norms, emphasizing learning as a tool for bettering oneself and one’s community. A powerful example Dr. Konana provided involved bringing foreign nationals to a slum in India to showcase what it means to learn from other people. “Learn something from someone you don't know; that’s where (the) true beauty lies,” he said, speaking on how to educate oneself. “Figure out what you are good at and not good at, and make strategies and work on yourself.” 

A lifelong learner and business mentor, Dr. Konana also emphasized the importance of communication in career building. The session ended with Dr. Konana discussing the current AI revolution and finding a place for innovation in today’s precarious landscape. “Innovation begins with questioning things and absorbing everything in your surroundings.” He reminded the audience to always focus on the greater good and prioritize social contributions as much as organizational ones.  

“We were immensely privileged to have a renowned scholar like Dr. Prabhudev address us,” said Shashi Bhushan S N, associate director of SignDesk, “His work in business leadership & investing in the future of other people is a true inspiration; we’ll be mulling over his words for a long time.”

On What Matters, Dr Konana said, “It is such a privilege to talk to all the members of SignDesk about What Matters because it provides a platform for everyone to think in the language of work beyond just profits. Profits with (a) purpose. The purpose is what matters.”

What Matters is an employee enrichment initiative curated by SignDesk, a leading global provider of document automation technology. The initiative aims to give employees a long-term direction for success and help organizations inculcate wisdom. The events feature talks and Q&A sessions with eminent leaders and are being livestreamed for anyone to access and engage with. 

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