Saturday, April 23, 2022

GOQii Smart Healthcare Forays Into UK For Patient Care To Invest GBP 10 Million And create 100+ High Quality Jobs

* Patient care for all chronic medical conditions including  Diabetes 

* Lifestyle Modification to better health and life 

* Partnership with Modality, award-winning GP super partnership

GOQii Smart Healthcare is foraying into the UK for patient  care. The company is making an investment to the tune of GBP 10 million in  the UK over the next 3 to 5 years and aims to create 100+ high quality jobs  in the healthcare arena of the UK. 

GOQii strongly believes that preventive healthcare is the only viable, long  term, mass market solution. Chronic diseases represent one of the biggest  challenges faced by the healthcare systems across the world. GOQii App is  

technologically advanced to bring together all the key stakeholders,  including Pharma, Device, Diagnostics and personal coaches, to provide a  seamless experience for people with any chronic ailments such as diabetes,  stroke, gut or cardiac issues to manage their disease condition.  

GOQii’s advanced health ecosystem consists of a care team which includes  personal coaches, health experts, doctors and diagnostics. It brings all the  user health data on to a single platform from which it can be analysed by  the care team. This allows for the user to receive personalised health advice  as per their lifestyle and habits. 

GOQii is also forging a partnership with Modality Partnerships, UK’s largest  GP super that operates primary health care and community services  nationally. GOQii along with its partners is committed to NHS values and to  grow, innovate and sustain services in General Practice and across the  system. 

“We are very excited to foray into the UK. It will help thousands of patients  across the UK to improve their health outcomes. GOQii is a unified platform  to provide a holistic approach to disease care. We already have several  people with chronic medical conditions like diabetes and cardiac issues on  our platform who have reversed their disease condition purely with  lifestyle modification,” said Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii. 

About GOQii  

Founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur and Gaming Guru, Vishal Gondal,  GOQii is empowering consumers globally to lead healthier and better lives.  GOQii is a pioneer in wearable based smart-tech-enabled fitness and  healthcare. GOQii’s smart-tech-enabled healthcare platform brings together  the entire preventive healthcare ecosystem. Its Smart Health Ecosystem  integrates tools for real-time personalised coaching, an explosive high growth Health e-commerce store, scheduling health check-ups, a health  locker, and a unique 'GOQii Cash' program where healthy behaviour is  rewarded with cash discounts and insurance discounts based on health  management data. Given the state of 'Sickcare' delivery infrastructure in  India, the company strongly believes that preventive healthcare is the only  viable, long-term, mass-market solution. As one of the official partners of the  ‘Fit India Movement’ GOQii is a strong supporter of Narendra Modi’s vision  of making 1.3 crore Indians fit and healthy. GOQii counts marquee investors  like Mitsui, NEA, Megadelta, DSG Consumer Partners, Galaxy Digital, Denlow  Investment Trust, Edelweiss, Cheetah Mobile, GWC, Mr Ratan Tata, and Mr  Vijay Shekhar Sharma.  

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