Monday, July 13, 2020

Lil’Goodness Introduces Immunity-Based Nutrition Filled with Vitamins and Minerals at their Doorsteps

Lil’Goodness, a Bengaluru-based kids food and nutrition start-up has been constantly innovating during this pandemic to positively influence the eating habits of the present and future generation through tasty, nutritious food options. Based on feedback received from parents, they have now introduced ‘Hearty’ – an initiative to provide immunity based nutritious meals filled with vitamins and minerals for those with medical needs across age groups at the convenience of their doorsteps.

‘Hearty’ from Lil’Goodness will offer some delightful ready-to-eat and easy-to-digest meal options from traditional Indian cuisines to international cuisines at a desired time-slot and can be ordered through whatsapp or text/telecall. The offering includes a free session with a nutritionist to understand medical conditions. Curated by nutrition experts, the meals are designed based inputs from nutritional experts and are customised for age specific carbs, proteins and healthy fats. Each meal also follows the Plate Method way of eating that ensures right portion sizes and high fibre intake that provides all micronutrients and prevents excess weight gain along with common old age problems like indigestion, diabetes, hypertension and cardiac issues, specifically critical during the times of COVID-19.

Prepared in safe and hygienic facilities, ‘Hearty’ is prepared from the best ingredients, are nutritionally balanced and freshly prepared for consumption. The company has a 9 point safety check in place that includes daily temperature checks of all staff, sanitization of facility and deep cleaning of vegetables along with UVC sterilization and contactless delivery in the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Commenting on the launch of this new initiative, Harshavardhan, CEO & Co-Founder Lil’Goodness said, “In the present pandemic situation, lower immunity levels and co-morbidities put the population with medical needs at a higher risk for coronavirus disease. There are also strict restrictions on their mobility. In our endeavour to positively influence lives, we realised that there was an urgent need to provide a convenient and contactless doorstep delivery of nutritious meals freshly prepared for those who have specific medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc. Encouraged by the success of our test marketing initiative with a group of 10 families where we received positive feedback and repeat orders, we have now decided to launch this service across the city.

Pariksha Rao, Chief Nutritionist & Co-founder, Lil’Goodness said, “Without doubt, boosting immunity is the utmost priority for most of us. ‘Hearty’ aims at providing all the right nutrition for the immunity and health of those with chronic conditions. Our NutriWiz consulting platform will help us understand the specific needs of these consumers, based on which the menu is tweaked to suit their needs. Consumption of nutritious foods rich in micronutrients including antioxidant vitamins and minerals and fiber, comfortable level of physical activity will enable the elderly to live active and meaningful healthy lives.”

About Lil’Goodness:

Lil’Goodness and sCoolMeal is a Bangalore based scientific food and nutrition enterprise with a vision to positively influence the eating habits of the future generation through tasty, nutritious food options. With special focus on kids, the company is aiming at empowering millennial moms with a unique combination of ‘goodness’ filled choices for their lil’ ones.

The company, led by IIM Calcutta alumnus, Harshavardhan & nutrition expert Pariksha Rao, with the vision of tr the eating habits among children through a comprehensive ecosystem of fresh and packaged meal options integrated with technology to create awareness of eating right amongst kids at an early age.

Set up in 2018, the company after investing more than 1000 hours in on-ground research talking to mothers and experimenting with recipes, the kids’ food and nutrition went live in July 2019. In September 2019, Lil’Goodness acquired sCoolMeal –a foodtech startup that provided services related to catering and serving, nutritious and wholesome food, including sourcing, preparation and delivery of a balanced meal to school children.

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