Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Mindtree Develops New Container Acceleration Service Enabling Faster Deployment of Cloud Applications

Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, announced a new service, InnoApp for Kubernetes, enabling enterprises to deploy containerized cloud applications on Microsoft Azure, accelerating application setup and innovation. The service utilizes Kubernetes, the open source architecture for automating deployment and management of containerized applications.

Containers and container orchestration are one of the most preferred ways of designing and deploying cloud native workloads, be it application transformation based on micro services, data transformation, intelligence-based services, among others. One of the biggest challenges that architects and developers face are the governance issues around architecture, operations, policies and security.

Mindtree’s new InnoApp for Kubernetes service greatly simplifies the process for clients to launch containerized application workloads on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. The underlying platform for InnoApp for Kubernetes provides ready to use, industry proven infrastructure-as-code templates to accelerate app modernization for enterprises.

Key components of the service include:

·         Scanning of application code to access cloud readiness, giving insights into which legacy applications can be updated.
·         Provisioning and setup of Kubernetes clusters on Azure with analytics and logging features, automating these processes to add more efficiency.
·         Configuration of a DevOps pipeline that simplifies app deployment and configuration changes.
·         Setup of governance and security policy engines to monitor applications running on Azure Kubernetes Service, ensuring that organizations meet guidelines for risk mitigation and compliance obligations.

Mindtree has also joined the Azure Kubernetes Service program. Mindtree offers its enterprise customers specialized expertise and experience with large-scale client work within the open source modernization ecosystem. The Azure Kubernetes Service program is also part of the new Azure Advanced Specialization Competencies announced at Microsoft Inspire 2019.

“Many of our enterprise customers approach their digital transformation, planning and modernization for key applications in a modern, cloud-native way where containers are a foundation,” said Manoj Karanth, Global Head of Cloud at Mindtree. “They’re interested in the potential for orchestration engines like Kubernetes to help accelerate application development while handling the compliance and security aspects. As cloud platforms are evolving, InnoApp for Kubernetes provides the pathway to help clients accelerate their multi-cloud container strategy using the Azure platform.”

Gabe Monroy, partner program manager, Azure Container Compute at Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service is the next wave of application suite modernization and an important initiative for Microsoft. Customers look to Azure Kubernetes Service to help innovate current business processes, so we look for partners focused on digital transformation that are well-versed in all things Microsoft. We’re pleased to see Mindtree continue with its commitment to providing solutions on today’s latest technologies.”

Clients using InnoApp for Kubernetes can take advantage of Mindtree’s deep expertise in application modernization with its large client base. Mindtree has micro-service experience across several industries, including global travel, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, retail and finance.

Mindtree experts will attend the Microsoft Digital Transformation Academy September 17-21 in Las Vegas, NV to discuss the service with Microsoft’s U.S. field selling and channel teams.

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