Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mahindra’s New XUV500 Comes with Innovative Technologies - Android Auto, Emergency Call & Industry-first Connected Apps, & Ecosense

Mahindra’s flagship SUV, XUV500 now has a host of innovative technologies – many of which are an industry first – in the New Age XUV500. The new additions include Android Auto, Connected Apps, Ecosense & Emergency Call and are targeted towards meeting the evolving needs of today’s tech savvy consumer. These new technologies will redefine the in-vehicle experience of the XUV500 by providing connectivity, convenience and entertainment options to the consumer.
The XUV500 has been a pioneer in providing innovative hi tech features and by adding these industry-first features to the list, it has raised the bar once again.
The 25 + “First time in the Country/First Indian OEM technologies” introduced by Mahindra’s electronics team stand testimonial to its passion for customer focused innovation.
The technology features offered by Mahindra have received phenomenal response from the market, which can be clearly seen from higher proportion of sales of top-end variants of the XUV500 and Scorpio.
These features have been developed under stringent supervision in sophisticated labs with an eye for precision.  The world-class infrastructure such as Hardware-in-Loop laboratoryacts as a key contributor for successful introduction of these features / technologies withreduced timeline and enhanced robustness.
Electronics Hardware-in-Loop Laboratory at Mahindra & Mahindra  
Technologies such as Talking Car first launched in 2003, Light-sensing headlamps (2007), Cruise controls (2007), Micro-hybrid (Start/Stop) (2008), Voice command technology (2009), Stating bending headlamp (2011), Touch-screen infotainment & navigation (2011), XUV500 with 6 airbags & pedestrian protection (2011), Bluesense Mobile phone app (2012), Brake energy regeneration (2015), Mahindra MiniSMART vehicle diagnostics App (2016) brought out by us along with other cutting-edge features, have given our products a “Best-in-class” status in their respective segments.
We have also launched customer-delight features such as 6-way power seats, electric sun-roof, logo-projection on the floor from ORVM (outside rear-view mirror), parking lamp (Magic-eye) and tail-lamp with LED light-guide, and reverse parking assist on our products. Continuing this exemplary journey of innovation, Mahindra has now developed “Ecosense”, “Connected Apps”, “E-Call” “Single Touch Lane Change” and integrated “Android Auto” in its New Age XUV500.  These newer in-vehicle technologies will redefine in-car experience of users and revolutionize the mobility space.
Ecosense – A New Driving Habit
Ecosense is a first-of-its-kind technology that enables customers to optimize their driving pattern, in order to reap maximum fuel economy benefit.
Ecosense presents “Ecoscore” which is computed based on the following key parameters:
    • Excessive High Speed
    • Optimal Gear Selection
    • Aggressive Acceleration
    • Excessive Idling Duration
    • Aggressive Braking
    • Clutch Override
The system prompts for an appropriate gear shift, excessive idling and also for clutch override.
Another most exciting feature of Ecosense is that it enables the customer to instantaneously update “Ecoscore” and “Drive Summaries” through Social Media such as Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp from their XUV500.
Ecosense systematically stores drive summaries on the cloud using smart phone data connection. These summaries can be retrieved by customers on the WithYouHamesha portal.
With Ecosense, fine driving skills of XUV500 can be compared with peers and a status rank is awarded in addition to drive recommendations.
Ecosense does a fantastic job for improving fuel economy, which leads to reduced emissions for a cleaner environment.
Android Auto – Experience a Higher State
Android Auto brings out the best of in-car infotainment technology offering a plethora of premium features like connected services and apps on the XUV500.
Android Auto focuses on safety & minimizes driver distraction by projecting Android phone content on to the vehicle infotainment system. It enhances XUV500 driving experience & enables customer to stay focused on road with simple, intuitive interfaces, integrated steering wheel controls and powerful speech recognition.
XUV500 customers will have in-car access to Google maps with accurate live traffic, Hands-free telephony, Google play music, Internet music, Internet radio, Messenger, Audiobooks & Podcasts.
Google maps provide voice guided turn-by-turn navigation information. Hands-free telephony enables customer to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages.
Extremely accurate speech recognition enables Auto Android to respond immediately for any information requested by the customer.
Google play music enables the user to stream songs, customize playlist, etc.
Android auto would be releasing the most popular mobile apps to the in-vehicle environment in a customized manner ensuring safety & comfort.
E-Call – The Saving Grace
Mahindra continues to give strong emphasis on the safety of its customers. Pioneering in providing innovative safety solutions, a slew of safety technologies has been offered in XUV500 to handle pre-accident & collision conditions.  In a post-accident scenario, triggering rapid rescue by first responders is critical for saving lives.
In order to relieve customers of the hassle of reaching out for help in panic situations, XUV500 provides the revolutionary E-Call technology. In an unlikely event of a severe accident and airbags being deployed, the XUV500 automatically makes the call to emergency services without the intervention of the vehicle occupants. It simultaneously sends alert notifications via SMS to pre-stored numbers of ambulance, emergency services and Mahindra customer service (WithYouHamesha). The SMS contains vehicle and location details with Google map link.
E-Call technology doesn’t have to be activated each time – it is enabled automatically by default, right from the moment a smartphone is paired with the vehicle. The uniqueness of this technology is that it is extremely user-friendly, and is a frugal innovation as no additional hardware is used.
Connected Apps – Now, Imagine That
XUV500 infotainment package now includes an exclusive “Connected Apps” in addition to other smart phone connectivity technologies. In order to run these apps, the infotainment system will now have the capability to access internet via Wi-Fi hotspots.
Apps in XUV500 ensures nativity and uniqueness by providing India-specific entertainment, streaming music, live cricket updates, flash news, and information on best restaurants, that are available at a click of a button on XUV500.
Mahindra offers the following apps to start with:
  • Gaana
  • Criclive
  • Zomato
  • Bookmyshow
  • Hashtag (Social media)
  • News Center (NDTV, India Today)
  • Calendar (Google)
  • Foreca (Weather)
  • World Clock
  • Calculator
In order to ensure distraction-free safe driving and provide enriched experience, XUV500 reads out news, tweets and sports information. In addition, newer apps and updates on existing apps will happen seamlessly over-the-air without the intervention of the customer.

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