Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SISA Opens Cyber Security Operation Centre at Devanahalli near Bangalore

SISA, a Bengaluru-based cyber security firm, unveiled its Synergistic Security Operations Centre (SSOC) at Devanahalli, about 35 kms from here. The SSOC will proactively detect and prevent malware and data breach in a realtime.

Inaugurating the facility, Infosys Co-founder N R Narayana Murthy said India has to learn more from developed countries on cyber security space as they are already data-rich nations.

“These nations have seized this problem and have made reasonable trade off between access and privacy, ubiquity and privacy. There is a lot of awareness and literature available in this sphere. If we learn from others and adapt to our situation we can catch up with them,” he said.

The SSOC, located in the KIADB IT Park, Mahadeva Kodigehalli, is spread over 50,000 square feet area. The facility will house 50 employees in the beginning and by the end of the year, it will reach 150.

SISA Founder and CEO Dharshan Shanthamurthy said the SSOC is getting inaugurated at a time when many Indian organisations are scouting for opportunities to set up SOCs to monitor security environment.

“SISA has built a complete set of products grounds up and it is a first of its kind in the world that costs just 1/10th of existing Security Intelligence products that are made abroad. We want companies to follow security standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and RBI Cyber Security framework,” he said.

SISA, which audits cyber security preparedness of banks and fintech companies, recently rolled out a data discovery tool that allows banks and other financial institutions collate all the customer data in one single file.

Commenting on the development, SISA AVP-SAARC, Nitin Bhatnagar said the SSOC is the first such integrated facility with company developed next-generation Security Intelligence and Monitoring products.

“SISA EOT, a completely made in India security product that works with artificial intelligence and can help detect any incident within a fraction of seconds. SISA Tipper, a product for the discovery of both card data and Aadhaar number, has been accepted in industry verticals like e-commerce, retail, financial and non-financial organisations,” he said.

The company registered a total turnover of around Rs 50 crore in FY17.

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